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"Trane Not What it Used to Be"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Trane used to be a first class company & manufacturer. But, now, as part of a big industrial conglomerate (Ingersoll Rand and its subsidiary, American Standard), it has fast become just another a/c vendor. I have 6 units in home & rental properties. I have just lost compressors at 5 and 8 years even though they have 10 yr. Warranties. Labor & freon recharge are not covered by the warranties and equal up to $2,000 per event. Adding insult to injury, even though these are "current" compressors, Trane now mostly regionalizes their parts warehouses (even though they have a district office in my home town) and ships only by scheduled truck deliveries so you can wait up to 2 weeks to get your unit fixed for a "routine" problem. My dealer says this happens all the time. Called Trane & they could care less even though it was the peak of the summer. For about $400 extra, they say you can get your parts "expedited." What's the point of buying a national brand if parts are so hard to come by for current production models. Trane dealers say this is a common occurrence & they are powerless to get better service from Trane. Further, they admit Trane quality has gone way down from years past & may now be on par with Carrier & others. Even the circuit boards for the controls and capacitors are of lower quality. If one of these fails, you usually have to replace the whole "module" for up to $1,000 a pop. One Trane certified tech told me things are so bad now, that he tells buyers of new units he will be back to repair something on average within 4 years of purchase. So, why pay for the name? Trane is living on its past reputation more than anything else. This is the real reason "buy American" doesn't mean anything anymore.

J Smith


"Worst AC Ever!!!!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Does not cool at all. A brand new unit, 5 ton and it never shuts off. It cannot keep up with the heat outside. The worst unit I have ever had. Avoid at all costs…

Jon Hopkins


"Evaporator leak, poor customer service"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Used my a/c for 3 months for 3 years (live in Northern Canada) and the evaporator leaked on the 4th year. Tried to get customer service to go good for the parts. Installer said his hands were tied dealing with his supplier. Went through a bunch of hoops, had to get it done. They told me to submit the bill, which I did. Then they told me, too bad we are sorry for your bad experience with our product. This is my third Trane system and for sure the last.

a melo


"Excellent a.c. unit"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Recently had A complete new A.C. heater system replaced and very happy with it. It was 103 degrees and the unit had the indoor temp at 69 with the thermostat set at 72. Cooling house on hot days in Texas with no problems.

Jeffrey McDowell


"Look Elsewhere"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I had this unit installed in a new home in 2005. The compressor failed in 2013. The part was replaced. In 2017, the compressor was recommended for replacement because the compressor was pulling max amps. Now, in 2018, the compressor failed again and it's out of warranty. Yes, I had the unit serviced every year. No, I will not buy another.

J Barnat

Tulsa, OK

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