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"Don't buy it"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Purchased the XR 4 ton unit in 2014, leaking Freon every year. This year 2019, one HVAC company finally found out the leak in the condenser coil. Even though it is still under the 5-year warranty, it will cost $2400 to replace that part. Called Trane, the rep sounds like a cold ice, not interested in solving the problem. The warranty is a joke. What's funny is all these HVAC companies kept saying Trane has good quality, and they don't believe the leak is in the unit. That's why it took them 5 years to find out. Based on the reviews on this website and my own experience, that's definitely not the case. If I can't get what I paid for, I would rather spend the money on something else.

Eric Shen

Oxford, MI

"Do Not buy a Trane A/C"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Trane, owned by Ingersoll Rand, has the worst customer service and non-enforceable warranty in existence. First of all, they do not inform the customer that they personally are required to register the a/c unit within 60 days of installation. No paperwork with this verbiage was provided with the sale. Their 'certified and authorized' dealer, us Air & Home Energy, that is listed on Trane's website, told me that they would register the unit for me. Installed in 4/2018. Phoned Trane in 8/2018 for an awful sewer smell inside my house b/c of lack of drainage from the unit was smelling up interior of my house. Trane could have informed me at that time about the 10-year warranty registration, but did not. Now I am stuck with a 5-year warranty. Used unit for only 5 months and already have major problems to the tune of $1,000 in repairs! Trane's negligence and bogus 'certified and authorized' dealership designation screwed me over big time. Try calling Trane? Expect at least a 45-60 minute wait on hold. And don't bother to contact them via email on their website. They don't even acknowledge those emails. Their customer service stinks. They even excessively charge you to ship covered warranty parts when you could easily pick them up in a neighboring city for free. Money-grabbers! I paid close to $10,000 for a 2-stage cooling and 1-stage heating unit with accompanying thermostat, including a Preventive Maintenance Agreement and Labor Agreement for $2,500 extra. The 2nd stage cooling immediately goes to heating feature, just what I need in 100+ degree temperatures in Phoenix. Trane will do everything they can to weasel their way out of paying for warranty parts. Want to 'stop a Trane' as advertised? Just turn on their thermostat! Piece of junk! Wish I could rate them a zero. There is no customer service at this company. No apologies for their mistakes either. I thought I was purchasing a unit with a 10-year parts warranty, 10-year maintenance warranty, and 10-year labor warranty, and I am left empty-handed with a piece of garbage that needed repairs within 3 months of installation. I was hoodwinked! Whatever you do, do not even consider buying a Trane!

K. Kroas

Mesa, AZ

"Labor NOT included in warranty."

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We installed the higher end Trane unit for a condo in South Carolina due to the heat and humidity. About 18 months later, we had to replace the coil. To add insult to injury, the technician did the 6-month inspection of the unit 2 days before the coil went completely bad and did not see the refrigerant was basically gone at that point. As others have stated, dealers do not stock parts, they have to get them from warehouses that may not be located near the dealer. This was only the coil, something that should be readily available. The cost was astronomical–even though under warranty, the labor cost was basically 10% of the original purchase price of the unit. I will never purchase a Trane unit again.

Terri Gollinger

Hilton Head, SC

"Seized air handler motor already???"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

After less than 2 years with this new air conditioner and air handler, the motor seizes on the air handler, now called Energy Tech and they did come in a few hours. Diagnostic charge of $139 to tell me yes there is something wrong the motor in the air handler has seized. Now have to wait till they get the motor hopefully a new motor not a refurbished. The parts are still under warranty but I'm sure the installation along with that diagnostic charge will make up for that. And now is this something I'll have to deal with every year and a half? This will cost me a fortune to tell me yes something is wrong and you have to pay installation.

Robert Eroh


"Bad Customer Service"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I am done dealing with Trane. Turns out "Nothing can stop a Trane" except for bad customer service. Purchased a Packaged Rooftop HVAC Unit about a year ago. It suddenly stopped working. Inspection showed the fan shroud had not been installed correctly at the factory (missing a rivet) and in time it drops down, caught the fan and ripped it from the remaining anchors. Fan & motor also damaged. Contact my installer who informed me that the shroud, fan & motor would be covered but not labor ($480) & the top cover (all bent up) because it is "not a functional part of the unit (ignoring the fact it holds the fan assembly & shroud. So, add $800 to the cost of the unit. I contacted Trane myself & escalate the issue. They did not care, simply quoting the warranty. I gave up, did my best to bend the top back into place, bought a rivet gun, and fixed it myself in about two hours. This is the 4th Trane I have purchased in my remodel business. It is the last. Plenty of other options . . . .

Todd Taylor


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