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Trane Brand Overview

Trane Manufacturer Overview

Trane is one of the most trusted names in the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) equipment field, with more than 120 years of experience. The company offers a variety of products with advanced features that make it easy to keep homes comfortable.

Trane manufactures HVAC equipment including furnaces, heat pumps, air conditioners, dehumidifying and air equipment as well as building control systems for residential and commercial buildings.

Trane history

James Trane founded Trane in Wisconsin in 1885, originally as a family plumbing company. Trane invented a low-pressure heating system called the Trane Vapor Heating System, and the company began manufacturing operations in 1910. Trane continued to invent new and improved heating technology, including a new large-building air conditioning system in 1931. Trane was purchased by American Standard in 1984 and then by Ingersoll Rand in 2008. Today, Trane maintains 29 manufacturing locations around the world and employs more than 29,000 workers.

Trane products

Trane specializes in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment; dehumidifying and air equipment; and building controls systems. Its equipment and systems can be used in residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Air conditioners

Trane builds quiet and energy-efficient air conditioners that keep people comfortable without much noise. The most efficient models feature variable speed motors that allow for increased energy efficiency at any speed. 

The XV20i TruComfort Variable Speed is Trane’s quietest and most efficient residential AC unit, rated for a cooling efficiency of up to 22 SEER.

Trane’s XR14 offers both affordability and efficiency. This unit features a two-stage motor and a SEER rating of up to 16.


Trane furnaces offer precise temperature control with energy efficiency and reliable, quiet operation. Modulating motors allow for more efficiency and flexibility when heating. They act like a light dimmer switch, allowing precise control of the motor speed. 

The most efficient gas furnace is the XC95m, which is Energy Star rated and boasts a modulating motor. The S9V2-VS is Trane’s quietest furnace, as it features a variable speed blower and a two-stage motor. With a single-stage motor, the XB90 offers the best value. 

Reviews by Series

Heat pumps

Heat pumps provide both heating and cooling wrapped into one unit. Trane’s pumps feature Climatuff compressors, which adjust and maintain constant speeds to avoid temperature swings. With a variable speed motor that boasts more than 750 stages, the XV20i is the most efficient. This Energy Star rated unit is also four decibels quieter than the competition. 

The XV19 is Trane’s quietest heat pump. It fits into tight spaces, boasts more than 700 stages, and is Energy Star rated. The XR15 offers the best value with a single-stage compressor.

Packaged systems

These systems offer combined heating, air conditioning, and air handling all in one unit. They work best in places with mild weather. Packaged systems can be all electric or a combination of gas and electric (electric for air conditioning, gas for heating). Trane’s model XL16C is available as all electric-powered or with a heat pump that is both gas and electric. This unit offers the best energy efficiency and has a system that cleans allergens from the air.

Trane Reviews

You can learn more about Trane products from the reviews on Our site allows you to browse by product types or models, so you can find the best one for your needs.

Energy Efficiency

Trane is always reinventing and reengineering its equipment to improve efficiency. Its goal is to reduce energy costs, carbon emissions, and meet local regulatory requirements. The company documents efficiency ratings and certifications for each model. When you research online, you will see clear indicators of energy-efficient models. Many models are Energy Star certified, which means they meet government standards for energy efficiency.


All Trane equipment comes with a standard base warranty on parts for 1-20 years, depending on the model. If the owner registers the equipment within 60 days of purchase, the base warranty is extended to five years to the life of the equipment. Owners can also purchase an extended warranty that covers both parts and labor at the time of purchase.

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