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Titan Water heater Reviews

"Continuous Electric Water Heater"

3.0 rating

I have owned the water heater for three years. It is wonderful when it works. It has cut my electric bill by one third. I live in a small home with two sinks, kitchen and bath, one very large bath tub, and no washing machine. The water heater meets all of our demands for how water. The only negative I have is that it has needed to be repaired twice in the three years I have owned it. The company is located in the state of Florida and they are very hard to contact. The last time I sent it in the eventually ended up sending me a new unit. When I installed that unit it only lasted six months and it broke. Luckily, they also returned my original hot water heater, so I was able to replace it right away. I did send in the other tank and they have not returned it and I have been unable to contact them to see what the situation is with the heater. The concept is a good one, it cuts down on your electric bill and supplies you with unlimited hot water. They need to improve the quality of the product so it will last longer than a few months with breaking. The company also needs to improve their customer service.

Osseo, Michigan

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