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"Piece of crap"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Brand new bad blower drum or fan! Gave these people piece of my mind they tried to blame it on contractors and installation people if it was damaged by handling then the unit would have been dented beyond recognition tried to get them to ship the part to me so I can hire someone to repair it at my expense why should I pay labor for an inferior piece of crap! Extremely disappointed made contractors and repair people angry at me because of something that thermo pride is responsible for have a piece of mine to tear this furnace out and get a Millet or something else angry beyond imagination

Sidney Taylor

Rochester, NH

"Very rude people. Loud furnace. Very unhappy."

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I was without heat for 2 weeks this winter while a repairman tried to get the thermopride people to help him determine problem and get parts. Had to buy $400 in room heaters to keep my plumbing from freezing. Repairman said he was on phone for hours trying to get help from thermopride techs. I recently called about info on a filter and was on hold for 8 mins. Only to get the rudest woman on the face of the earth talk insulting to me. Some customer service you have there. Try some training! I would never buy this furnace again. It's very loud. When running, no one in the house can talk or hear the TV, noise actually wakes you up from sleep when it turns off and on. Like a tractor trailer pulled up in your living room!


"Part replacement"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

I purchased a Thermo Pride heater in March 2014. The solid-state igniter went bad in December 2015. Cost me $207 to replace the igniter. Not happy.

Marlene Newman

Pennsville, NJ

"Excellent furnace"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

We have owned our furnace for just a few months. I have never lived in a home with oil heating and I was concerned it would not be as effective as natural gas, so much so that I had planned to have the house switched over to natural gas. But as the weather has cooled and the furnace has kicked into gear I see there is no need! We had it serviced upon moving in and the service guy said it was in great shape and wouldn't need another servicing for five to seven years! The only thing I can say bad about it is it's a little noisy but we have it next to our dryer and the dryer drowns out the furnace. The two combined put my six month old to sleep quite nicely! What I love about it is just how warm the air it pumps out is, so cozy!

Seattle, WA

"New Thermo Pride furnace, King of Prussia, PA"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

In November 2013, we installed a new Thermo Pride OL6-RA071D48 low boy furnace with a Beckett burner and a direct drive blower. The unit is set up for 90,000 BTU output with an existing 3 ton AC coil. The old furnace had 68,000 BTU output and never heated the house right. The new furnace works really well and heats the entire house evenly. We also saw a drop in oil use from 820 gallons in 2012-2103 (very mild winter) to only 600 gallons in 2013-2014, which was a much harsher winter. Very happy with the new furnace. The octagon heat exchanger offers better heat transfer characteristics since the air flow over the surfaces is better for heating. I have designed heat exchangers before and thought the design to be interesting. I would like to also note that I am an engineer with extensive experience designing and building huge industrial furnaces, some larger than most houses and as well as building HVAC systems. When we put this furnace in I finally sat down, looked at our home system and determined why it stunk. The ducting was wrong in multiple locations. I replaced 2/3 of the ducts and split the upstairs supply from the downstairs. I also replaced all the flex ducting with hard pipe duct and insulated it with R-14 insulation. I increased the total duct size for the return as well which cut the pressure issues in half. The result is after 15 years of poor heating, our house has a good system with good air flow. Still hearing comments from my wife about waiting 15 years to fix the bad ducting! The furnace is only half the issue. If the ducting is bad, you will never get good performance out of the furnace. Even the thermostat location is critical. A bad location with drafts can cause short cycling and poor heat quality. Oversizing the furnace will also do the same with a big increase in fuel usage and poor heating quality. If the furnace is oversized, you can reduce the fire rate to the minimum to improve it. Furnaces should run for a steady period and gradually heat a home. Also don't forget to have the chimney checked. A blockage will hurt the furnace performance and can be dangerous.

James Barends

King of Prussia, PA

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