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"3 Ton 2 Stage: 17.5 SEER"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I work for a company that installs Tempstar heat pumps. I replaced my existing oil furnace with a 3 ton, 2 stage unit in the spring of 2012. It worked well throughout the summer, but didn't seem to be heating well once the temperature started to drop. I found that the air from the registers never felt warm at all, and it was cutting into emergency heat very frequently. When I got a $1100 power bill, I knew for certain that something was wrong! I had by this time gained significant experience installing these units and I checked the sizing of the ductwork to find that I was sorely undersized. I also determined that the unit was undercharged and needed additional refrigerant added to the system. After properly weighing the charge and increasing the size of my ductwork, I have noticed greatly improved performance and lower operating costs. I strongly suggest to anyone looking to have a system installed to ensure that you have a reputable contractor that understands the requirements of these systems. I have since installed many of these units myself and am proud to say that in the three years our company has been installing them, we have had very little issues with the equipment. All of which have been honoured by the warranty with no problems. I would recommend Tempstar to anyone who asks, as they are a well-made product with a strong warranty program. Installation makes all the difference.

J. Greek

Bridgewater, NS


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have owned Tempstars for approximately 12 years. The first one was a 4 ton gas pack. Within 8 yrs I replaced 2 fans and the heating coil. I now own a heat pump. It is 4 1/2 yrs old and I need to replace the fan. It is under warranty however, I have had to go approximately 4 days with limited air.

Harry Morgan

"Run Far and Fast"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We built a new home in 2009, the builder had the Tempstar installed. In 15 months, just 3 months after the warranty ran out the coil went bad. We had to eat that $750 bill. Then in 10 months that coil went bad again, Tempstar did replace that coil but we still had to come out of pocket $80 for freon. Now 3.5 years into this, the compressor is hard starting Tempstar is only giving us $650 credit on a new one. I will tell you this my next unit will not be a Tempstar!!

Todd s.

Lexington, s.c.


2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

I bought my Tempstar unit Sept. 2010 after my Trane unit finally died after 20 yrs of very good service and never had any trouble. When looking for a new a/c unit I didn't find Trane to be as well made now as it was years ago, so after looking on the internet I saw Tempstar looked pretty good as it seemed well manufactured and it had a good warranty. I was happy with this new unit and it worked well for almost 2 years when suddenly the blower motor died. The worst part is- I do not run my unit very much. So I contacted the guy who installed the unit and explained to him that the blower motor wasn't working- what he told me was it's a common problem with that brand (nice to know, now) and all he had to do was pick up a new blower motor and bring it out to my house. He got the new blower motor installed in about an hour and then gave me a bill of $110. I didn't understand the cost because this unit was still under warranty! I guess he expected me to just pay him and shut up- well I don't work that way. When I questioned him about the cost, he didn't like that and from that I could tell he probably wouldn't be coming back if I had any other problems. I didn't even give him a hard time! Just asked about the price? People with his attitude shouldn't be in business as far as I am concerned. I really like this unit but just hope I don't have any other problems as any more repair costs may force me to look at just putting the money into a new a/c unit made by someone else. That would be a shame.

J. Gilbert

Ocala, FL

"Unreliable, poor quality and a money pit"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

In the four and a half years we had this unit, we experienced almost every failure described in this section about Tempstar. Just this year, we are $1100 in repairs just months apart. In the time we owned this unit, our repair costs exceeded the price of a top of the line heat pump. Yesterday, while inspecting the unit after another emergency weekend service call, we noticed the frame on the inner cooling coils is extremely corroded to the point that I expect a coolant leak within the year. My advice to anyone reading this, do not put any repairs into this unit. Cut your losses and buy a new heat pump.

Joe Cyr

Ooltewah, TN

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