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1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Thirteen calls in six years, I'm tearing it off the wall and changing brands.



"Beware! Piece of crap!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

When it works, it does what I expect, heating and cooling the house fairly efficiently but it has had 3 services calls in 3 years. The first occurred less than a week after installation and should have alerted me we were in for it. A minor problem of the blower fan cage coming loose and hitting the housing but one that should never happen. A bit over two and a half years later the blower motor failed. After replacing that, it still didn't work quite right and the start capacitors needed replacing. Sure the parts were warrantied but I still paid several hundred in labor costs. Then not 5 months later, the evaporator coil failed in numerous places! Like all at once in 10 different spots! We were without heat over Thanksgiving (2+ weeks) and outdoor temperatures have repeatedly dipped to freezing. House temperature this morning was 61 in the center core and the bedrooms far colder. They "fixed" it today but after watching the "technicians" rip out the old one, damaging the insulation and pry and batter the new one into the cabinet, bending many fins in the process, I'll be amazed if it doesn't lose its charge by tomorrow morning. The regional rep for Carrier and Tempstar is rude and doesn't return calls he committed to. Calling and leaving a message for to him call me resulted in nothing more than being angry when he again didn't call. These companies are owned by United Technologies which makes jet engines. You'd think making a quality air conditioner would be fall out of bed easy for them. I can only surmise they are making and selling junk to the unsuspecting on purpose.

Dave Rich

Vail, AZ

"Nightmare! Do not buy!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Bought 2 Tempstar units in 2013. Both are royal pieces of crap. Installers/service company does nothing but listen to us complain about the horrible vibrating noise at start-up and defrost cycle. For a 15 SEER rating, we have only seen our energy bill go up! The main unit (2.5 ton) replaced an 18 year old Trane. Sure wish we had it back! I'm online researching a new unit now. The noise is keeping us awake at night, and I'm sick of the energy costs. Thousands of $$$ down the drain after only 2 years. Do not buy Tempstar!


Greensboro, NC

"A piece of crap"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Unit is less than 3 years old. I purchased this unit in June 2012, AC worked fine. The problems began when I had to turn on the heat. This unit was very noisy, to the point I could hear it kick on and shift modes in several rooms of my home. I was sometimes awakened by the noise at night, and my neighbor also complained of the noise. The installer explained the shift into defrost mode but his explanation didn't fit the noises the unit was making. Sometimes the unit would make a very loud noise when trying to start, decrease in noise level, and start again. This could happen 3 times within one cycle. The noise sounded like a motor straining. The installer made numerous trips out to try to catch the noise without any luck. Finally, they installed a sound blanket which reduced the noise somewhat but did not address the problem with the straining motor. I have also noticed the unit has moved 4-6 inches so I am guessing there is significant vibration probably associated with the straining motor. On the installer's last trip out, they also informed me the unit would not function properly below 30 degrees and that I should manually switch the unit to "emergency heat". This part of the country often sees temperatures in the teens and below during the coldest months. If that had been disclosed prior to purchase I would have asked for a different model. To date the problems remain unresolved. I think I just have to write this experience off and buy another unit – too bad since I'm on a fixed income. Would I buy another Tempstar? No! From day one this problem continues.



"Piece of crap! Do not buy! Stay away!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This is the biggest waste of money I have ever spent. Save yourself the hassle and stay away from any Tempstar unit. If I had a way to go back in time and buy something else, I would have looked at the reviews of this piece of shit unit of a thing. I spent over $7,000.00 for this unit. I thought it was great with a 10-year warranty, but I feel sorry for the company that installed it who, every year, has to come out and fix the same problems over and over again. Every year so far it has had to be repaired, for something or another. In the last 6 years we have had to replace the condenser 4 times, and at over $1200.00 a year that is not a great thing. We always know when something is about to go wrong because our electric bill for the month will sky rocket from about $250.00 to about $700. One month was $786.00. So now I have to pay to have it fixed, and I have to figure out how to pay my electric bill or have the electricity shut off. I have asked the owner of the company who installed it, " What can be done about this and is there a way the manufacturer would take this back because of all the problems we are having, and give us a new unit that works." I get the same song and dance, "No, they won't do anything about it." The sad part about it is, I'm a 100% disabled Marine veteran, which means I'm on a fixed income and cannot work. So here it is again, the cold season, and once again I dread making that phone call and wondering how much is it going to cost and what will the electric bill look like. Woke up at 1:00 am this morning to the house being 67 degrees. I set the temperature for 69 degrees and woke again at 4:30 am to it being 61 degrees in the house. The heat is on and again, there is no heat in the house. I know people out there that have had other heat pumps in their house for over 20 years and have the yearly $150 – $250.00 maintenance done and have no problems, where every year for the past 13 years since we have had this unit put in it has been nothing but problems. I remind you that it is not just a simple fuse or low on Freon type of thing. I'm talking about panel circuit boards being replaced, condensers, things that cost $1000.00 -$1200.00 a year, not to forget the electrical bills that come from it. All I can say is these are the biggest pieces of shit anyone could ever buy, and how someone or some company in America gets away with it or sleeps at night knowing they are building crap is beyond me. You know the saying fool me once shame on you, fool me twice I'm the idiot? Well, that won't happen here.

Craig Bellile

Jacksonville, NC

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