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5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Has anyone ever thought..its not the equipment but the installers! Its not like a window unit you plug in and out. Its a system that has to be properly installed to function for years. I have had mine for over 5 years and no issues. I have my annual maintenance done and change my filter every other month. If you don't keep up with it (any brand) of course it can fail….its man made!!

Jane Doe

Melbourne, FL

"Love it"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I've looked at reviews on Tempstar and other brands, seems to me there is as many bad reviews on other brands also. I'm enjoying my second Tempstar heat pump. All the bad reviews kinda lead me to believe the units are being installed by installers that want to get the unit in as fast as they can, get your money and run hoping your unit fails so they can and hit you with a repair bill later. My dealer/installer is one that I can count on making me feel he has done his best. Have a unit in my daughter's house that runs flawlessly (13 years) also! There are too many unqualified installers and repairmen out there, people that have very little experience that want to call themselves professionals! Do your homework, your problems could be your installer/serviceman not the unit.

Gary Branch

Rayville, La.


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Bought a brand new 5 ton unit. It only lasted one year and 12 days before the compressor went out. Cost me $323 to have it put in because the labor warranty is only good for 1 year and an additional $50 for shipping because the installer doesn't carry the parts to repair. The other reviews are on target. These units only last a little bit longer than their warranties.

ellen guy

Fernandina Beach, FL

"From a dealer's point of view"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

We offered a well-known brand for over 12 years. They were bought out and now it is not even close to the same company. We switched to Tempstar. Here are the reasons why: Tempstar backs the warranty and does not make the dealer jump through hoops for a warranty credit (if you sell a house that has a Trane or American standard system that is still under warranty, as the buyer you have 60 days and need to pay a fee to transfer the warranty or you will forever lose any remaining warranty coverage). Trane & American Standard are now owned by Ingersoll Rand. Tempstar offer a coastal coil as an option in the outdoor unit. I get fast service and support from my distributor. If a heating contractor is worth their salt they should be able to fix a Tempstar system. Some brands are overly complicated today. Some systems have 3 module boards. If something should ever happen to us our Tempstar customers should be able to find another service man. It usually fits back where the other unit was located. Some brands will not fit back. The X-13 motors had some problems but this wasn't only a Tempstar problem it was in other company's systems too. This was a motor manufacture issue that showed up in the air handlers.and has long been resolved. Some of the bad rap comes from the fact that Tempstar systems are being sold to most any company that would like to sell one. We have on the side of our trucks "what really matters" – the guys in the truck and the company that is behind them. If you can find a company that will measure the house, do a heat loss heat gain to properly size your system you are getting. Ask them, did they look at the duct system to make sure it is sized properly? Ask them if they use nitrogen while brazing the Freon lines, and if they use a micron gauge when pulling a vacuum. If they don't do any of this, I don't care how cheap they are, find yourself another guy because it is not them. 99% of getting a good quality job is choosing the right guys. FYI I will not respond to any comments as most likely you would not be in my market place.


Coastal North Carolina

"A coil nightmare"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Needing a 3rd coil & Tempstar is refusing any responsibility. Local installer/repair man told me with the 1st replacement they were having issues with a coils but since unit was already installed I had little choice except to see what happens. Replaced & repaired, leaking in a spot not reachable to weld/repair. My local installer says the rep for the area is hard to reach & unresponsive — go someplace other than Tempstar for your heating & cooling needs. The company in Protem is **** ***** Heating & Cooling – he is now unresponsive as well!


Protem, MO

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