TEMPSTAR N4H3 Heat Pumps

Tempstar N4H3 Heat Pump Overview

The Tempstar N4H3 is a single-stage heat pump with an efficiency of 13 SEER and 7.7 HSPF. The unit’s single-speed fan motor and scroll compressor operate quietly and help keep sound levels as low as 69 decibels. It is dual fuel capable with a compatible gas furnace and thermostat, and is also compatible with humidity sensing thermostats. The N4H3 has durable galvanized steel inlet grille panels for easy coil cleaning, and a baked-on powder coat finish helps protect against corrosion.

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Tempstar N4H3 Heat Pump Reviews

"Not even 1 month old"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

New to heat pumps in NC. Bought from Sears Home Improvement. Have had 7 service calls, 3 in one week. Heat does not work, its now 21 degrees outside( and I have no heat in my home. Inside temp is 64 and will drop more tonight. The part on order to be installed when?? I am getting an attorney tomorrow to get this unit removed. Can't believe less than 1 month old and having parts replaced. Sears does not care once the sale is made. I ordered a Kenmore and got a Tempstar. They said " Oh forgot to change the label" legal???

Jan Milos

North Carolina

"Unit keeps icing up"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This unit is only not even 2 years old. It ices up when ever I put the heat on. The installer told me to keep it running and it would correct itself. No true in iced up like an igloo. Now installer won't return my calls


Lillooet, BC

"System blew up in flames!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have two Tempstar AC units. One 3 ton and the other 3 1/2 ton for upstairs. The 3 ton unit works and looks like new for 2 1/2 years. But the the upstairs is problematic and had been repaired two times and blew up and went on fire. The flame blow torched the coil and shot with Freon for like five feet. They will only replace the compressor under warranty and I have been waiting a week now for it to be shipped. We had four record breaking heat days and no AC upstairs in Florida, Vero Beach. One unit works perfect the other is a piece of junk and the warranty takes over a week so far to get it fixed and it is not fixed as of now. I see a lot more damage on this unit than they say. The evaporator has heavy rust and oxidation (green on all copper), the other unit looks great. The installer did not register my AC units causing me to lose my 10 year warranty and now it is only warrantied for 5 years but I paid for a new unit and should get the ten years because a unit that bursts into flames is going to need the 10 years of servicing.

Michael Mikowitz

Vero Beach, FL

"Unit is Less Than 6 Months Old"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I purchased this unit in June 2012, ac worked fine. The problems began when I had to turn on the heat. This unit was very noisy, to the point I could hear it kick on and shift modes in several rooms of my home, was sometimes awaken by the noise at night, and my neighbor also complained of the noise. The installer explained the shift into defrost mode but his explanation didn't fit the noises the unit was making. Sometimes the unit would make a very loud noise when trying to start, decrease in noise level, and start again. This could happen 3 times within one cycle. The noise sounded like a motor straining. The installer made numerous trips out to try to catch the noise without any luck. Finally, they installed a sound blanket which reduced the noise somewhat but did not address the problem with the straining motor. I have also noticed the unit has moved 4-6 inches so I am guessing there is significant vibration probably associated with the straining motor. On the installer's last trip out, they also informed me the unit would not function properly below 30 degrees and that I should manually switch the unit to "emergency heat". This part of the country often sees temperatures in the teens and below during the coldest months. If that had been disclosed prior to purchase I would have asked of a different model. To date the problems remain unresolved. I think I just have to write this experience off and buy another unit – too bad since I'm on a fixed income. Would I buy another tempstar? No!!!

C. Stewart



1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

The Warranty is a joke!!! I have had my unit for 2 yars and was fairly satisfied. Then last night the blower stops working. I called my cousin who installed the units and discovered it is either the blower motor or a capacitor. I call TempStar this morning only to discover they will not honor the warranty. Yes, that is correct, will not honor their own warranty. After several calls to their corporate office, they agreed to honor it if I used one of their service guys. I called when the quote reached $500 I stopped them considering the parts were only $300 from the highest priced dealer on the internet. plus< the guy wanted me to fron the cost of the parts "…just until I get my money back from TempStar. You know how they are." DO NOT BUY THIS UNIT OR CARRIER OR ANY OTHER ICP UNITS!!! Go get a Train or a Rheem or ANYTHING ELSE. THIS COMPANY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY!!!!

Stephen L Gibson

Hendersonville, TN

Other N4H3 Reviews

Among the few comments regarding the N4H3 on HVAC forums is one on hvac-talk.com from a homeowner trying to choose between the N4H3 and units by Lennox, Carrier and Bryant. Most favored the Lennox or Carrier. Nobody picked the Tempstar, with one comment stating that it is more of a low-end unit than the others.

N4H3 Warranty

Product registration is required within 90 days of installation for maximum warranty coverage. The warranty for the Tempstar N4H3 heat pump is comprised of the following:

  • 10-year limited warranty on parts

If not registered within 90 days, the parts warranty is 5 years. Labor costs are not covered by the warranty.

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