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"Cheap internals"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

Furnace is five years old and on its third inducer motor. The circuit board also makes a buzzing noise audible when the panel is closed. The warranty is garbage – they hold parts at ransom and instead of sending a replacement in exchange for the broken part, they force you to pay $120 or more to a service contractor to perform a three minute job anyone with a screw driver can perform.

James Costello

Buffalo, NY

"Tempstar N9MSE"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I hired a very able company and had them remove my 12-year-old Rheem furnace. I paid $2500 for a Tempstar-Heil single stage N9MSE furnace for use with propane. I've only had the unit for a few weeks but so far it's working perfectly, keeping my home within one degree of thermostat settings. It's possibly a bit quieter than the Rheem but I'm not sure any single stage unit can be non-intrusive when they run. Bottom line is that for $2500 installed I'm happy, and with the warranty this home should be warm for many winters to come…I hope.


Northeast PA


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

No need to go into a very lengthy review of the problems we've had. I just want to say we have had nothing but electronic and general electrical problems with this unit over many years. I would definitely not recommend their products to anyone. After years and years of technicians working on this unit we have finally given up and will replace this with a more reliable unit, and that means anything but Tempstar.

A. Robertson

Cedaredge, CO

"Garbage …"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I am a single mom and spent my $3000 dollars on this furnace thinking it would work. Nothing but problems. My 2 year old son and I froze all winter, sick every week because no heat. Plus, on top of it, I called Sarnia Heating who installed it and they sent me bills saying I own them money when they just installed this product and it's less than 2 weeks old? This isn't right. I'm trying to support my son and I and working and spent $3000 dollars on a furnace which you would assume it would work and doesn't!! Leaking all over and they say the reason why it's all leaking and not working one because of my gas and second they told me I don't know how to use a furnace? Like, really? I had Union Gas come in — nothing is wrong it's the system itself. I would not recommend anybody to purchase this brand or from this company! Right now this furnace is down stairs doing nothing. Just cost me my last $3000 as a single mom and never even had heat all winter!!



"Runs Great"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Have a 2 stage 95% efficiency condensing Tempstar furnace, installed by self and careful old contractor. Gas bills dropped 25 to 30%, temperature in house much more even and comfortable at a lower thermostat setting. Has ran fine for 5 years, regular maintenance of condensing drain system, trap and line is a must with these units, watch for leaks etc. Also have a high quality electrostatic intake filter, which I clean regular, as well as the fan compartment. People probably put the cheapest filter they can find in a $3000 furnace no doubt, but not smart. This sort of care takes a few minutes now and then but pays off handsomely in maintenance bills.


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