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"Watch Out for this GARBAGE"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

The furnace has been in less than 3 years and the blower motor has gone in it already. Stopped working for no reason twice this winter. Very unreliable. I would not buy a Tempstar. To aggravated right now to type and wishing I spent the little extra to buy quality. My bad! I know you read these and say, meh how poor can they be, lets do it….DON'T You will regret it.

Todd M

London, Ontario, Canada

"What I know"

3.0 rating

I moved in to this home 15 years ago. First year during very cold temps, limit switch went. Guy came out on an emergency call while I was at hospital with my mother and installed a different high limit switch then what Tempstar called for, and it went again, but luckily it lasted about a month or so until it did. This older model required a specified limit switch part and we found it and made sure it was put in and furnace was fine for sometime. Had to replace normal parts since then. Blower motor still works well, inducer draft motor went (original part) went at about 19 years after the make of the model manufacture date. That is not bad. Replaced an Hot surface ignitor after living here for about 10 years. [Probably not original, but still a good length of time because those parts go sooner}. Hsi module board replacement once at about 12 years of living here. All these parts are not that expensive and expected. Now after a 26 year old furnace I am looking for a new one. I expect to get a quote from tempstar again, along with brands. Some items you just expect to replace because of age and use. The thing I worry about now are heat exchangers on my old furnace, so time to bite the bullet. My tempstar ac has been working fine for all these years, so not bad either, it was installed at same time. I would just do a check on any of already installed newer models of furnaces to see if there has been any recall or troubles on specific parts. One major thing I see with these variable fan motors on newer furnaces on any kind seem to be the fan motor burning out quickly. My blower fan motor is the original on the tempstar, and the capacitor still holds the correct amount. This tempstar is a one stage blower 1/2 hp. With no oil ports [self oiling]. This furnace has lasted pretty well at 26 years.

Anne Smith


"Awesome product"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I'd like to say that I am very satisfied with this Tempstar brand 99.9% of the issues that we end consumers have with our systems is due to poor installation by individuals that are not properly qualified to do the job. Anyone with common sense will know that that goes the same for any other product out there. This Tempstar unit that I have installed in my home tsa 6 – 16 seer is a super quiet and yet out performed my old Goodman I recommend this manufacturers brand which of whom is essentially a Carrier product doing my research ICP cooperation makes Carrier, Bryant, Tempstar, day night, Payne and their product is also under a number of names as well. They are all the same equipment different models different metal exterior designs however the equipment compressors and system components are exactly the same with all the different brands at which they make again this is doing my research once again I am 100% satisfied with my Tempstar I believe those of us that have the bad experience and leave really bad reviews are due to very poor installation of the equipment by unqualified individuals.. Hope this is helpful to any and everyone out there!!



"Contractors opinion"

3.0 rating

As a service person for 33 plus years I can read between the lines of complaints on any brand furnace. What I'm seeing is the customers that feel they have a junk furnace, need to know any furnace is only as good as the installer or service tech working on it! It's sad equipment takes a bad rap for poor workmanship, or a tech that doesn't know how to use a meter!

T miller

Rockton, IL

"Stay Away."

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Stay Away. Did not work properly from day of installation. Replaced Mother Board twice. Replaced pressure relief valve day of installation. Replaced thermostat 4 times. At least 2 service calls a year. After 10 years of never knowing if it was going to kick on and crazy blink error codes I bit the bullet and replaced this lemon. Never buy a tempstar heater. My advice

Christopher Pilla

Philadelphia, PA

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