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"Taylor 750 Review"

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

We've had a Taylor 750 for six years now. Operating in temperate coastal area we burn about nine cords per fall, winter and early spring to heat 3,000 sq ft house via radiant floor heat (1999 construction standards; five radiant floor heat zones) and all domestic hot water. It is a good unit – smokes when starting up, but when the unit is to temperature, 180 degrees, it burns clean. Load the cubic yard fire box once a day in temps in 50s; twice in 30s or below. Emergency generator runs pumps and fan that "stokes" the Taylor when it needs more heat. Good buy. Good unit, although the metal sheeting on the roof next to the chimney rusted through after the 3rd year. Replace with galvanized steel and now runs perfect again.

Beaverton, OR

"Warranty no good unless you take back to factory"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

If furnace has water leaks you have to take furnace out and rent a truck or trailer. Stove wieght is appox 1600 punds. Miss work, pay for motel and wait till its repaired — that's what I was told by factoy rep. I am very sorry I purchaced this t450 furnace. I live in West Virginia — they are located in North Carolina.This was not told to me when looked at this funnace. They told me I had a 5year warranty. But now the warranty is only good if you take it back to factory.

james beckner

charleston wv

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