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Tappan FG6T Furnace Overview

The FG6T 2-stage gas furnace from Tappan is a discontinued high-efficiency, Energy Star series that can be installed as an upflow or horizontal unit. The A and K models have AFUE ratings of more than 80 percent while the C and L models operate at 90- to 92-percent AFUE ratings. The C and L models also feature a variable speed blower. Any of these units can be installed in small spaces such as closets or utility rooms and are LP convertible.

The FG6T’s aluminized steel in-shot burners, use of insulation and low-fire operation minimize this furnace’s fuel consumption, according to the manufacturer. Durability is enhanced by the aluminized steel in the tubular design of the counterflow heat exchanger. The surface ignitor, redundant gas valve and induced draft blower all further ensure the unit’s reliability.

In addition to being mechanically and electrically tested on the manufacturing line for reliability, various delays and cycles are programmed into the furnace to help extend its life and proper function. Safety and reliability are further enhanced by the burner flame monitor, vent switch and 3-amp fuse. The electronics also allow for easy serviceability and add-ons.

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Tappan FG6T Furnace Reviews

"I will NEVER buy TAPPAN or NORDYNE again!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Ok, I built a new house in 2007. I have a complete Tappan system installed with Honeywell zone controls. The installation was engineered for maximum efficiency, comfort and control. It is a dual fuel, 4 zone system. When it works it is great, when it doesn’t better get out the checkbook. Apparently, I only purchased the parts warranty, not the labor warranty! Failures so far: -A-coil 2 times $750 each time for labor and refrigerant -Service Valves -Reversing Valve -Blower 2 times -Squirrel cage -Now some new failure where the heater will only light on occasion THE BEST PART is that Nordyne has no record of the repairs so they don’t know the unit has had so many failures. I asked how many failures have to happen before something is investigated and perhaps a “lemon” is replaced, but they have no record of it…I will NEVER buy TAPPAN or NORDYNE again!

Evansville, IN

Other FG6T Reviews

Very few reviews have been posted in other online discussion forums regarding the FG6T models. Among the exceptions is a post on hvac-talk.com from one homeowner who writes that although his furnace fan and inducer motor both are running, and the furnace itself is hot to the touch, no heat is being emitted. The homeowner is able to identify a code on the diagnostic panel; the red LED light blinks once per 2 seconds. This problem occurred on a 1.5-year-old unit after a technician had recently worked on it. Unfortunately, no solution to this problem has been posted to date.

TAPPAN FG6T Model Numbers

The FG6T is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
FG6TC092* 92.1 92,000
FG6TC110* 92.1 110,000
FG6TL092* 90 92,000

FG6T Warranty

All models of the FG6T furnace feature a 8-year limited parts warranty as well as the company’s 5-year “Quality Pledge.” The A and K models additionally feature a 20-year warranty on the heat exchanger, while the C and L models receive a lifetime heat exchanger warranty. Registration is required to receive full warranty benefits.

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