Tappan Furnaces

Tappan Furnaces

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Tappan Furnace Overview

Tappan reports that its furnaces are designed for high efficiency and durability. The unique features of each Tappan furnace give homeowners flexibility when choosing a product most appropriate for their home.

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Tappan Gas Furnaces

With efficiency ratings of 80 to 97 percent AFUE, Tappan’s modulating, single-stage and two-stage gas furnaces are manufactured with durable heat exchangers and Smart Lite technology to ensure reliable igniters. Several of these units come with efficiency-optimizing iSEER technology. These quiet units have upflow, horizontal or downflow applications, as well as a blower delay for improved comfort.

The more efficient models have iQ technology that enables thermostat communication and offers diagnostic capabilities. According to the manufacturer; iQ drive-ready furnaces can be connected to compatible Tappan air conditioners and heat pumps to add to their efficiency.

Tappan Oil Furnaces

Tappan oil furnaces are designed to be cool to the touch due to their spun glass and aluminum foil insulation. A thermosetting powder coat finish increases durability of these units, and a 22-gauge steel cabinet dampens sound production. The sequence timing of the radiator helps improve the furnace efficiency.

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Tappan Gas/Electric Furnaces

Tappan gas/electric furnaces feature 80 to 81 percent AFUE. Durable materials are used in the manufacture and unique design of these furnaces, making them resistant to corrosion and weather-related damage. Additionally, the compressor’s sound blanket and the swept wing fan blade ensure quiet functioning.

These furnaces have the EcoLogic green seal and exceed Energy Star requirements. The hybrid model has a dual fuel feature that further decreases utility costs. Some units come with iQ Drive technology that enables them to make minor adjustments constantly to best maintain home comfort.

Care and Maintenance of Tappan Furnaces

Tappan recommends that its furnaces be inspected and cleaned annually by a professional technician and the furnace filter be changed regularly to maximize the furnace’s functioning life.


With product registration, Tappan furnace warranties protect all parts for 10 years. The Tappan Tough Quality Pledge covers heat exchanger replacement in the event of failure.

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