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"No warranty"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Worst warranty response ever My heat exchanger went out in about 4.5 years still covered by the warranty. After having my local plumber spend a couple of hours taking it apart and taking pictures they denied my claim, they said my core was 'stressed' from overuse. The strange thing is the unit was in a home that we use only about 50 percent of the time and has only 2 baths. We bought a unit that was a commercial unit built for a 4 bathroom house. Way over-designed for its use and yet it was stressed. Also they no longer Cary parts for that model. Seems like a sham to me. Their only advice was to buy a new one and I will but certainly not there' S.

Robert markwith


"Outstanding Technical support"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I have used Takagi support for the past 2 years. They are very professional and extremely helpful for the 2 units we purchased. Recently, I had an issue I was hoping to get some help before I called a plumber at $100. an hour. They came to my rescue by advising me to change a switch setting on our tenants unit. I was overjoyed that it worked and I am very thankful that is saved me a few hundred dollars.

Richard Mangone

Boston, MA

"Waste of money, poorly built, abysmal customer service, won't honor warranty"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

My professionally installed Tagagi in a new house lasted only 8 months until heat exchanger started leaking. Called customer service after waiting 1/2 hour on phone and they gave me name of 'approved' plumber to fix it as it was under warranty. Plumber came and spent 4 hrs at $130/hr disassembling, taking photos to send to customer service, including waiting 1.5 hrs on his phone waiting to talk to them several times and reassembly because they didn't get back to him until the next day with an offer to send an $800 heat exchanger but only offered to pay plumber 2 hrs of labor at $80/hr to do the repair. Plumber estimates it will take him minimum of 6 hrs to fix it. So I am stuck with paying almost $1,000 in labor to fix the Tagagi that is under full warranty because they are so cheap. I refused and will take out the unit and install another brand from Home Depot that offers an additional 5 year warranty through them and sue Tagagi in small claims court for failure to honor their warranty. In today's digital information age where it is impossible to hide bad behavior this company is clueless and stupid. Do not buy tagagi products you will regret it.

P Mattingly


"Do not buy a Takagi tankless water heater"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have had to install additional filters, remote control and have had numerous expensive plumber calls; the water heater quits heating unpredictably. I am in the process of installing a regular water heater to remedy this Takagi disaster. I contacted the company and they said that it was my prerogative to replace their water heater; no offer for even a partial reimbursement to back up their product. Will never purchase a Takagi product of any kind ever again.

J Davila

McAllen, TX

"Won't buy again"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

First Takagi failed within 7 years, was told that it would be less expensive to get a new one. This new one lasted 2 1/2 years before 'error code 771' and subsequent repair costs were needed. I will never recommend this product or company to anyone.


Los Angeles, CA

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