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State Select Water heater Overview

The State Select is a series of gas and electric water heaters. The Select gas water heaters include high-output and high-efficiency models, power vent and direct vent models, side loop models, and a model for manufactured housing. The Select electric heaters come in high-efficiency models, tall, short and lowboy models, and specialty models. Both the gas and electric models come with tamper-resistant brass drain valves.

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State Select Water heater Reviews

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"3 in 13 years"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Run Forrest Run. My builder put 2 State water heaters in 13 years ago. 6 years ago I had to replace both. July 2019, I had to replace one. Was replaced with a different brand. Dealing with the State to ask about warranty issues is a nightmare. Must be cheap builders grade.


Houston, TX

"Gas Leaking"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Had a State Select water heater installed 18 months ago. Just after installation started smelling gas in the basement. Called the plumber, he checked the installation, it was good so he called State. The State said to replace the Honeywell controller. After replacing the Honeywell controller, the same issue. The State sent their own representative to my house (at my expense $190) and said yes there's a gas smell, but State and Honeywell say that it's normal to smell gas. Unreal. Can't fight the system. Replacing with a different manufacturer other than State and Honeywell. Also, the gas bill increased $40 month probably due to leaking gas. The moral of this story…If you're having a hot water heater replaced, be sure you ask your plumber what brand is being installed. If it's State or any brand with a Honeywell controller, run the other way.

Glen C

Stafford, VA

"State water heaters are the worst!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Purchased my home new in 2014, with all new appliances, including a State water heater. Gas control valve broke 4 years in. The part was covered under warranty, but the labor was not, and at $300, the labor cost way more than the part a few months later, had a leak from the water heater which had to be repaired, and now, less than a year after that, the burner is out. That's 3 parts that needed to be replaced in the span of less than a year, on a water heater that 4 years old. Avoid State water heaters like the plague!

Mary Thist

"Dangerous Hot water"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Builder installed the unit in July 2015. Hot water temp has varied 120-135. It's just my wife and me usually. I drain the unit yearly to flush out any sediment. I try to check the temp anytime I shower and feel the temperature is hotter than normal. I try setting it at 120-125 which is oddly just above vacation mode so I can't adjust it much lower. The other day it felt extremely hot and was running at 155. Its a gas heater and when its water temps can raise like that on its own it becomes dangerous not just for me but small children can get burned badly by this garbage. I'm not the only one in our subdivision who got stuck with this so-called heater and complained about early failure and water temp problems. It should have had a recall on it because of the temperature issue.

T. Isbell

Springboro, OH

"Piece of shit hot water heater"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Damn pilot light won't stay lit. Finally figured out if I put a box fan to blow right on it it would stay lit but recently storm knocked out the power so the fan went off and so did pilot light and now can't get the pilot light to relight. Tried over and over and nothing, don't buy this product they f-ing suck.


Jacksonville, AR

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There are several threads on doityourself.com regarding users having a problem with the pilot light going out on the State Select. Several problems with the Select on applianceblog.com range from the reset button tripping to a couple of threads from users having trouble with the blower.

Select Warranty

The State Select water heater comes with a 6-year tank and parts warranty, or a 10-year warranty on the tank and a 6-year warranty on parts, depending on the model purchased

Question And Answer


Where can I find information on Error Codes for my State water heater?


You can find troubleshooting information for your State water heater, including LED status code meanings and solutions, beginning on page 27 of your State Water Heater Instruction Manual.


How do I adjust the water temperature on a State Select water heater?


On 2016-07-12 Gary wrote:

On a gas State Select, the temperature dial is below the gas control knob. It can be adjusted from Low (about 80 degrees) to Very Hot (about 160 degrees). Standard setting is 120 degrees, and from there it goes up in ten degree intervals marked with A, B, C, and Very Hot.

The adjustment dial will be under the front panel on an electric model. Before removing the panel, be sure to turn off the electricity to the water heater.


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