Slant-Fin Liberty Boilers

Slant-Fin Liberty Boiler Overview

The Slant/Fin Liberty is a discontinued oil-fired cast iron boiler with an efficiency rating of up to 86% AFUE. The Liberty was available as either a hot water or steam boiler. It was equipped with a Beckett oil burner and featured a dual-size viewing port and convenient metal push nipples. These push nipples were located to the side of the heating sections, allowing a more uniform heat transfer while minimizing draft loss. All controls came wired and fully mounted, and steam models included float type or electronic low water cut-off.

Slant/Fin also produced a Liberty II boiler. The Liberty II is also discontinued and was the exact same boiler as the Liberty except for the front door panel, which had different hinges.

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Consumer Reviews of Slant-Fin Liberty


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  • #4 of 7 Slant-Fin Boiler
  • 87.5% of customers recommended

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Slant-Fin Liberty Boiler Reviews

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"Slate/Fin Liberty Boiler, inexpensive and great."

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I have owned my Slant/Fin boiler for two years. What I love about my boiler is that it cut my energy costs by a lot and has kept me and my family warm throughout the cold winters. I have nothing negative to say about my Slant/Fin boiler. I would definitely recommend this boiler to any family members and friends, I have already gotten a few people to purchase the same model and they love it.

Glencoe, IL

"Great Boiler for the price"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

So far, we are very satisfied with our boiler. It was easy to install. Our fuel bill has dropped a good bit. It is very quiet and keeps us warm. Highly recommended.

Erwinville, LA

"An Excellent Boiler for an Affordable Price!"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

My boiler before this one was old and completely unreliable. Sometimes it would heat the water, other times, not at all. Sometimes, all I got was some lukewarm water. I had simply had enough. However, I am clueless about boilers, as I have never purchased one before. A friend of mine recommended I purchase this Liberty boiler. I have owned this boiler for over two years now, and couldn't be more satisfied. Installation was quick and simple, and before I knew it, I actually had a boiler that works properly, unlike the piece of junk before it. I like the fact that I am now never without hot water. The boiler runs on heating oil, and according to the manufacturer, has an annual fuel utilization efficiency rating of 86%. The boiler is efficient and reliable. What more could I ask for? The price is reasonable as well. I have never had a problem with it, and would highly recommend it to anyone.

Waltham, MA

"Adequate and nothing more."

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

I have had this boiler for about a year now and it has performed exactly as it should. It never really wowed me in terms of efficiency or how fast it could heat up, but it worked fine nonetheless. I like that is reliable and has worked every time I have turned it on so far. I dislike it because I thought for $2,000 it would work better, but I guess that money went to reliability instead of features. I haven't had to do any repairs on this unit at all. I would recommend this boiler to anyone.

New York, New York

"Oil water boiler review"

3.0 rating

I have owned my boiler for about 3 years now. Very simple and sturdy set up. I don't like the noise it produces, but it can be overlooked. I have not needed to repair or replace any parts of my boiler yet. I do recommend this boiler to those that ask about one.

Stroudsburg, PA

Other Liberty Reviews

A consumer considering installing a Liberty boiler drew comments from professionals on stating that it is a poor unit, with several saying that the chambers fall apart. The way the chamber is made was listed by several professionals as the reason this happens. A homeowner on complained of a rumbling furnace, to which a professional replied that the Liberty is notorious for combustion problems.

Liberty Warranty

The warranty for the Slant/Fin Liberty boiler is comprised of the following:

  • Limited lifetime warranty on cast iron sections, prorated after the 10th year
  • 1-year limited warranty on parts

Labor and shipping costs are not covered by the warranty.

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