Shaver Pro Series Wood Furnaces

Shaver Pro Wood Furnace Overview

The Shaver Pro Series is an outdoor wood furnace available in five models — the 140, 165, 250, 290 and 340. It has a heat output ranging from 3,000 square feet to 8,000 square feet, with a water capacity of up to 300 gallons and a heating capacity of up to 326,000 BTU. The Pro Series features a cylinder firebox that is called 3/8-inch thick but is actually over 4/10-inch, which the company claims is 70% thicker than the competition. Optional fireboxes that are 1/2-inch thick are also available. The Pro Series is available in 20 different colors. 2015 prices for the Pro Series start at $5,177, with financing available.

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Shaver Pro Wood Furnace Reviews

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"Mine seems ok."

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

I bought a 165 in 08 and it developed a small leak in 09. Called Shaver for warranty and they brought me the next larger stove for the cost of delivery. I did get a little bit of run around but not bad. Still cooking along with no issues. There are a few things you can do to make the furnace more efficient. Put fire brick in the door for one. I also took a 1' square piece of 1/8" steel and set it over the grate in the front so when the fan causes the fire to rage, it comes up in the middle where it should. I also bought a Ranco control to turn the fan on and off because it's adjustable and works many times better than the water heater thermostat it came with. I put a 4" tin elbow on the fan inlet and installed a 4" dryer flap for $2.00 that closes when the fans not running. I had to add a screw to the bottom of the butterfly to make it close all the way and the fan opens the butterfly when it turns on. In Minnesota it gets pretty darn cold and the stove only gets fed 2x a day unless it's really windy. I think with this simple design that people tend to put too much wood in at a time and they keep the water temp too high. Mine is the most efficient at about 23rds full and water temp at 160 degrees.

Hosey O'grady


"Don't waste your money"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Bought the 165 in January 2009, pump went out within the first month – dealer replaced. I have gone through four other pumps and last year it started leaking, I called but never heard back from Shaver. My sons and I took all the tin off and the top is rusted through near the flue and the bottom is rotten – numerous leaks. Since my sons are both welders we can fix the water jacket ourselves. They are planning on using 1/4" steel instead of the original 1/8". The outside of the water jacket was bare steel from the factory so we will sand down and paint to help protect it. My son's were both amazed at the very poor quality of the factory welds and the overall poor quality. Don't waste your money on a Shaver – warranty is useless and they don't last.

M. Etherton

Columbia, IL

"Shaver warranty/ junk"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I've had a Shaver 250 for a few seasons now and the fire box floor fell in due to poor welding, by poor I mean minimal spot welds. Over time the flat stock they use for legs gave out and the floor fell in and warped. I tried calling Shaver twice a day for a few months. When someone occasionally answered the phones they said that someone would be in touch with me, when that finally happened they had me email pictures in only to do nothing about it and ignore me. I finally got sick of it and contacted the district attorney's office in Arkansas. [email protected] This gentleman was very helpful and got in touch with Shaver after a few weeks of them avoiding him. He found out that they didn't close the doors but only changed their name to Hillbilly Trailers. After some investigation by me I found out from one of their salesman that they were having a lot of warranty issues. They decided to close shop to avoid doing any of the work that they guaranteed in their contract. I found out that they are still selling Shaver furnaces under a different name. When Shaver finally answered the special investigator from Arkansas district attorney, they said that I cannot have a water sample and they would not warranty anything. My question is, how does a water sample have anything to do with the firebox floor? Water never gets into the firebox. They use the water sample as a loophole to get out of any warranty work. Long story short, they changed their name to avoid warranty work and are selling the same crap under a different name. If anybody on this forum is having issues with her Shaver stove and not getting an answer, contact this gentleman at the Arkansas attorneys general office I provided his link in the beginning of this and he will do his best to get results for us. If he gets enough complaints he may have the authority to shut them down and not allow anybody else to get screwed by this company.

R. Smith


"Here's the truth…"

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

Purchased this way back when the oil shortage was looming its nasty head. Since I live in the woods of Northeast Pennsylvania and have unlimited access to my own supply I decided to get an outdoor wood boiler. I will admit the slick advertising and lower price shifted me to the Shaver. I simply couldn't afford a Central Boiler. If you don't have farmer's smarts you probably should stay away for all outdoor wood boilers. I personally wouldn't buy one if I had to buy the wood. The payback for me would have been just too long. Mine paid for itself the by the end of its 4th year. It will work adequately in its stock form but much better with a few inexpensive tweeks. I insulated the door, chimney and inside the top of the boiler. Don't forget the underneath. Some reflective 3/8 or 1/2 in insulation can be slid in easily. While dry hardwood obviously will work best this is one of the few units that will not only tolerate but burn quite nicely and clean with dry softwood. Wetter wood will burn but expect a lot of smoke just like with any fire. Lots of other mods but here's the bottom line: I got it to work quite nicely with a minimum amount of money. Expect a learning curve. Its not rocket science but does require common sense. I do like the simplicity with few electronic components to fail. And if they do fail they can be replaced easily. There is nothing complicated about its operation. That said, in 8 years I've replaced one thermostat (a 10 minute job) and a blower motor (1/2 hour). Total price around $65. Would I buy one again? I would check around first since there are many more choices nowadays. If they were still 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of a Central Boiler, yes, but it also would depend on what the others offered and at what price. It's very satisfying to know that I can pretty much determine what I want to spend for heating in a given year.



"Make your Shaver better"

3.0 rating

I just read Shaver reviews and decided to give some advise to Shaver owners or prospective buyers. First I don't believe owb are for everyone.Second I experienced many of the same problems in the first year as others that have written reviews .My suggestions for new owners would be too replace plastic and galvanized fittings with something of better quality.I knew I was not buying a Cadillac but was buying a decent basic affordable stove that could be tweaked into a more effective one. I am happy with my Shaver today. After my first winter I hated the stove but with changes that are inexpensive to add on you can make your stove better. Things that made my Shaver better were adding a thermometer with submersible probe to monitor water temperature. I replaced the thermostat on back of stove with a simple thermostat switch. Mine is open at 175 F, closed at 155 F. Also I made something for the draft motor. I call it a gizmo, it controls the amount of air being drawn into the burn chamber. I have another idea to increase efficiency and hope to have it ready next season. Overall I am glad that I purchased a Shaver. The cost was much less than the Cadillac's and I have enjoyed toying with the stove. If anyone would like information on gizmo contact me at [email protected] All items used on modifications can be purchased through Grainger.

Alan Shaull

Pryor, OK

Other Pro Series Reviews

A homeowner on said that his Pro Series can't keep up when the temperature outside gets below 25 degrees. Several members replied that the unit is most likely fine, just undersized, and a few suggesteed adding insulation. There are a couple of other reviews on the same site, one from a homeowner who loves their unit and one from a homeowner who dislikes his unit.

Pro Series Warranty

The warranty for the Shaver Pro Series wood furnace is comprised of the following:

  • 20-year parts and labor on-site warranty (prorated after 5th year)
  • 1-year electrical components warranty
  • 5-year on-site warranty against furnace leaks
  • 30-year/lifetime warranty on roof and siding

The cost of the service call is not covered after 5 years.

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