Shaver Pro Series Wood Furnaces

Shaver Pro Wood Furnace Overview

The Shaver Pro Series is an outdoor wood furnace available in five models — the 140, 165, 250, 290 and 340. It has a heat output ranging from 3,000 square feet to 8,000 square feet, with a water capacity of up to 300 gallons and a heating capacity of up to 326,000 BTU. The Pro Series features a cylinder firebox that is called 3/8-inch thick but is actually over 4/10-inch, which the company claims is 70% thicker than the competition. Optional fireboxes that are 1/2-inch thick are also available. The Pro Series is available in 20 different colors. 2015 prices for the Pro Series start at $5,177, with financing available.

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  • 26.92% of customers recommended

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Shaver Pro Wood Furnace Reviews

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"Was having water in ash box problem solved"

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

I was having trouble with water in ash box thought stove was leaking but found out it was a hole that fan blower hooks to was just stopped up. Works fine now.

GIllis Jackson


"Bad service bad product"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Bought a shaver furnace 165 from Ben . Used it for 8 years and it sprung a leak on the inside found out the fire box in the back was 1/8 in thick metal called Ben back would not talk to me and hung up on me call Ray at the factory they changed the name and do absolutely no warranty nor will give me a any money off on new furnace I am now stuck with a broken furnace and nothing to show for it even though they sold me the furnace That was supposed to be 1/2 inch thick fire box and good for at least 25 years


West Virginia

"Shafer 250"

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

Sounds like I was luckier than some others got my 250 in 2009 have used it every season until now 2017 when I developed a leak getting water in ash pan I have had very little issues a couple fans and circulators but that's it

J Hutson

Upstate, NY

"2011 Pro Series 250"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I built a new house and shop (approximately 4500 sf.) in N.E. Ohio. Both very well insulated. I have used this stove 5 years. Where we live is considered the snow belt area due to Lake Erie winds. Two years ago it was negative 20 degrees, four weeks straight. This stove definitely couldn't keep up had to use kerosene heaters in the house to compensate. Normal winters are in the teens and twenty's at night. This stove has a hard time keeping up then also! Can't get the house warmer than 70, furnace fan runs all the time blows Luke warm or less air. Have to use perfectly dry seasoned firewood or the pipe will creosote every week. The factory definitely has major quality control issues. Very poor craftsmanship!!! The look of the stove is embarrassing to show to you friends and family. I only burn hickory red oak and hard maple. Can't get good water temps, usually at 125 at best. Very simple design but poorly engineered, manufactured and customer service. Buy anything else. This was a waste of time money and effort!!!! I'm a general contractor and will not show this to my clients!!


Northeast Ohio Snow Belt, OH

"Don't buy"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I religiously tested the water, did a lot of upgrades, set on a concrete pad. End of the forth year I noticed a little water on the ground below the overflow tube, the fifth year I filled it with water and it flowed like a river from the bottom, don't waste your money.

Eric Wright


Other Pro Series Reviews

A homeowner on said that his Pro Series can't keep up when the temperature outside gets below 25 degrees. Several members replied that the unit is most likely fine, just undersized, and a few suggesteed adding insulation. There are a couple of other reviews on the same site, one from a homeowner who loves their unit and one from a homeowner who dislikes his unit.

Pro Series Warranty

The warranty for the Shaver Pro Series wood furnace is comprised of the following:

  • 20-year parts and labor on-site warranty (prorated after 5th year)
  • 1-year electrical components warranty
  • 5-year on-site warranty against furnace leaks
  • 30-year/lifetime warranty on roof and siding

The cost of the service call is not covered after 5 years.

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