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"Dunkirk gas boiler/Sears service agreement"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Dunkirk gas boiler (converted from natural to propane by sears) very unreliable has failed minimum on 10 times since purchased. Installation was outsourced to Mr. Plumber. Installation was prolonged (very nice plumber but with zero experience in installation. Took months to get hot water and the Argo panel installed was too small. Sears is taking no ownership for this. Repair person takes 3-4 days to arrive. Have had to take multiple vacation days since they schedule "between 8-5". I could go on and on, but this is the worst product and service experience of my 40 years as a homeowner.

Elizabeth P

South Salem, NY

"Worst Experience of My Life"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We purchased a Dunkirk oil steam boiler from Sears in the spring of 2008. The first night it kicked on in the fall, the burner died. We had "Master Protection," but they won't come in the middle of the night to fix it, so we had to pay about $300 to have it replaced by our oil company. After several three years with several other malfunctions, the low water shut-off failed and ran the boiler dry until it cracked. The "Master Protection" was still in effect, but it took us 18 days without heat or hot water to get Sears to come in and replace the unit. It wasn't just the time and discomfort, but the dozens of hours I spent on the phone never getting a straight answer out of anyone… subcontractors lying to me, care people lying to me. About 18 months after the full system replacement, we just had another crack in the boiler. This time, there doesn't appear to be any reason. We are now into five weeks without heat or hot water. No one there knows what they are doing. I am pretty sure they draw it out to get you to pay for a replacement yourself and count on people not suing them. It is a giant scam!

J. Talbott

Deep River, CT

"SUBSIDIARY of Burnham – OK?"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Dunkirk is a subsidiary of Burnham – ok? Burnham has had LOTS of trouble with "leaky" boilers since about 2000 – need I say more?


Franklin, MA

"Sears wants to install a 3rd boiler after two failed within days of installation"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Seas installed a boiler on November 17 and on November 19, the boiler stopped working. The boiler had a crack in the back of boiler. After calling begging and pleading for them to take the boiler out of my home. A second boiler was installed January 17, on March 20, the second boiler developed the same problem. The Specialist came from the Dunkirk factory to do a complete check. They stated everything was fined, so why did two boilers break down. All this time we have been without heat. Now They want to install a 3rd boiler, which I do not want, i am trying to get help from Better Business. Sears representative tells them one thing and gives me another story. How can I get out of this horrible situation?

A Reid

Mount Vernon New York

"Sarah levine simon"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Sears promised 95% efficiency on gas boiler replacement to old oil furnace. There were two change orders (1)to a boiler of 85% Efficiency. 95% not compatible with steam system. (2) lining of chimney required by city. 3 weeks into job Sears fired it's team. Plumber never finished, open permit. Heat bills more that quadrupled. Citibank began collection action even though work never finished. took two year to get a response from Sears. present status: Two Paralegals in Florida dept of Sears Legal are trying to rectify the mess in Poughkeepsie. Sears was in it to make usurious loans, they are not in the home improvement business.

Sarah Levine Simon

Poughkeepsie, NY

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