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"Great AC unit!"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

My Sears AC unit was installed in 1978 and is still working perfectly. I'm sure it costs more to run than a modern, more efficient unit, but I can't say enough about it's reliability. I've been in this house for 7 years and have never had need to call for service.

B. Martin

"Sears the Scam Artists"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I contracted Sears to install a new central air conditioning system in my home. I thought I would be well protected hiring services from a company such as Sears, was I ever wrong! The installer (an independent sub contractor) took an excessive amount of time with the installation and when it came time to test it, the unit did not function. The installer claimed there was no electrical power at the compressor, but that was not true as a new electrical service was installed for this unit and my volt meter indicated 230 volts present. I can not tell you how many times I called Sears to get this unit running. They made appointments and did not show, then they did not return phone calls, the typical we have your money and don't care attitude. I even called the salesman that sold me the unit and his response was, 'I only sell them.' I decided to use a two prong approach to resolve this problem. First, I served written notice, Certified Mail, return receipt to the local office as well as the corporate office of Sears as an unimpeachable notice outlining their breach of contract and set a deadline for the unit to properly function properly or as the sign over the door at Sears says, your money back if not completely satisfied. In short, I would through litigation force them to remove the unit and fully repair all holes, damages, etc. they made to install the unit and refund my money in full. Simultaneously, I engaged the second course of action. I filed complaints with the state Attorney General, my county's office of Consumer Protection as well as the Better Business Bureau. Well, the all mighty, arrogant Sears got the message, loud and clear. They sent a different sub contractor to the house to find the original contractor had not properly wired the thermostat to the central a/C. When the unit was fired, there was excessive wind noise in the air handling system due to undersized ducts. The new contractor had to replace those ducts with ones that were sized properly. After nearly a year and so much unnecessary grief my central air conditioner worked. Oh, by the way due to my demands to have the unit removed I was given a very sizable refund (about 20% of the purchase price) in exchange for not forcing them to remove the unit. When contractors give you problems, your state or county's Consumer Protection Department is there and the service is free. Your tax dollars pay for this and these fine people know how to put the pressure on dead beats. Additionally, a permanent record of your complaint is maintained so that other consumers checking on a contractor will be made aware of the problems you encountered. This is a good place for you to check before hiring a contractor.

Jeff McEwen

"Sears central air kenmore"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Installed june 22/09 not working Aug 1/09 suppose to have 24/7 emergency repairs spent over 4 hours on phone getting run around over two days still not working

diane puyenbroek


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We purchased our ac from Sears and have regretted that descision ever since. The installers showed up 2 days later than promised (turns out Sears uses subcontractors to put in their AC's). They had all types of issues with the installation and it took them over a week to complete the job when we were initailly told it would be completed within 2 days. Well, after they finish installing it the damn thing doesn't even come on! Nothing! They sent out 2 different repairmen and finally determined the compressor was dead so they had to replace the whole outside unit. This took another 5 days! It doesn't get better, it gets worse! 2 months later it stopped cooling our home. Sears won't do anything…they told us to call the installing company! Well, they finally came out a week after we called and then told us all of the freon had leaked out! Of course this wasn't covered under their warranty (and Sears wouldn't cover the repair either!). We had to pay over $300 to have freon added! Complete ripoff! Now this year it has stopeed working again altogether. We didn't even bother calling Sears because they won't do anything. We called a differnt company out to look at it (we don't trust the Sears contractor). Turns out we have a 2 ton system when we should of had a 3.5 ton system! No wonder it won't cool our home! (Our home is a 1800 sf rancher). We called Sears and again no help! They said we needed to contact the installing company. Well, they in turn blamed Sears for providing the wrong sized ac! Both of them are passing the buck. We have contacted an attorney and will be filing a lawsuit against both of them. never use Sears! It has been one huge migraine from day one.


"Total Crap!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Have had to call Sears out seven times in less than three years to repair this loud piece of crap! Even when it does runs, which isn't often, it barely keeps the house comfortable at all. Other contractor's warned me about using Sears and their sub-contractor installers…now I know why!

P. Thomasson

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