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"I will never step foot in a Sears store again!!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

My parents purchased a central a/c unit in 2010. It came with a defective a coil which got replaced. It isn't working again because of another defective a coil. The company will not cover the labor portion of replacing the defective part. They talked my dad into buying a $500 warranty to cover the labor. What a scam!! They send out defective parts and then talk people into pouring more money into their company. Kemore/Sears should be required to cover labor. Recalled parts on a vehicle cover labor costs…how can an appliance company not be required to cover them??


Weston, NE

"Kenmore Cental AC service"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

All I can say is what a freaking joke of an operation . Sears "authorized" contactor. Ex carnival worker at best did our installation April 2011 . After unpacking his tools and equipment he realized he picked up the wrong unit and said he would need to head to the shop and get a new one. No problem, can't fault the man for that. The part numbers are very close, again no big deal . So he cut out our old unit and started to load it into his truck, are you kidding me ??? First you did not even ask if you could take it, 2nd you took down our air knowing you did not have the parts to reinstall. He clearly wanted to make it to the scrap yard before closing on that Saturday for a quick $300.00 in scrap metal. After he unloading it and headed to get the right equipment he showed back up 4 hours later. All he did was a half ass job, it was so bad the next tech spent 8+ hours to fix it. Now one year later the coils are freezing because the ex-carnie only put enough freon in it to get it working, or his solder joints are as holey as his teeth . Now it is out of warranty , the Sears guy today wanted $225.00 labor + $ 200.00 to add the freon it should have had. I questioned him about it and asked him to call his office . He gave me the number and while I was calling Sears, the tech jumped in his van and took off. After two hours on the phone they can't get a tech back out for two days. Who the f is running this place ???? I have never had a problem with Sears, it is the people that are contractors that use the Sears name since people trust Sears. Now these jokers cannot get back out to add freon for two or more days. What happened to my appointment, the guys was here for 3 minutes and darted out. I am not waiting another two days to get jerked around again by these crooks. Had another company here within an hour,and added 5 pounds of freon. The coil is leaking freon. I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH SEARS FOR ANYTHING AGAIN


Richardson TX

"Sears Sales tactics"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I would classify Sears sales process as a "Dog and pony" show. Sales people come in and spend an hour running power-point slides preparing you for a sticker shock. You will get to learn history of Sears and what makes them so great. Of course this greatness will come with a price tag that is typically 20-30% higher than one would expect. At the end they will try to sweeten a deal by one time $500 offer which is good for today only. Finally I was told by salesman 'Sears is not for everyone', whatever that means. Save your time and money, Find a reputable hvac service company and you will certainly do better.

jj long

Nyack, NY

"Rip Off"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I just want to comment on the sales process of a home-installation for an air-conditioning system by Sears. Sears basically gets to your home first by responding almost instantaneously when you contact them. They set up an appointment quickly, and then come to your house and tell you this is the best deal you're going to get because they know what all the installers charge. If you accept their offer, you get a $500+ credit. If you don't it's gone forever. Don't buy into this sales pitch! They are basically keeping you from contacting other contractors that will do the job for considerably less. We received an offer of $5,900 for a job that Sears offered to us at $7,200. Our installer is from a company that is the oldest and perhaps the most dependable in our area. When he did our estimate, he actually looked at every room and climbed around our attic taking measurements of everything he needed to give us a good estimate. Sears did none of that. He simply looked up what a/c unit we needed and then pulled an estimate from that. Another sad thing about Sears is that as far as I know they contract out their work to independent installers. Which means they simply take a cut as a middle- man which is probably why they charge so much and come in so aggressively with their sales pitches. So if you're considering contacting Sears, at the very least have an estimate done by another company first so you have something to compare it with. But my advice is to stay clear of them. All they do is try to sell you the Sears name at way too high of a price.

Paul Ater

Redwood City, CA

"Will NEVER Do Business With SEARS Again"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We were lied to by the Sears salesmen to begin with. They told us we would get a system that required very little maintenance and would clean our air better, and we could control the temp while we were away on vacation through the computer because the thermostat would have an SD card. When the contractor came out to install it, he said no such thing exists. That same summer our A/C started leaking water underneath. A tech came out and said we needed to clean it out by putting clr in the drain because it was probably backing up. We did that and it still leaked. He came out a couple more times and didn't seem to know a whole heck of a lot about the system. Then when winter came the heat wasn't putting out heat. So the guy came out 3 times before finally replacing the thermostat. Then we asked again about what if the A/C started leaking again? He said to call Sears and tell them the unit was not working at all. Otherwise Sears wouldn't do anything. We called and the guy came out again and said that he didn't know why it was leaking so the original installers had to come back out and reinstall it. It is now 2 years later and we've been waiting for 2 weeks and have been stood up 3 times and nobody has come to look at or fix our problem. We've just about every department Sears has and get the run around every time. Now we were promised the contractor would come out today and that we were the first call. It is now 2:39pm and the contractor called at the time he was supposed to show up supposedly and said his kid has a baseball game and he won't be able to make it. This is crap! We are soooo pissed that we want them to rip out the stupid thing and give us our money back. We've been through so much crap with this system that our next step is a lawsuit!!!


Copperas Cove, TX

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