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"Ancient Sears AC is a workhorse"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

We bought a Sears central air conditioner kit in 1972. It came in 3 packages – condenser, evaporator and tubing. It was sold to be installed by the homeowner, and was extremely easy to do. Took me about a day. We have never had a service problem with this unit. Never. It has worked flawlessly for 45 years now and is still going strong. We have looked at getting a new, more efficient unit, but have been told they only last 10 to 15 years. Just can't give up the ultra-reliable Sears unit. It proves that American manufacturers can make excellent equipment if they want to do so.

T. Mullen

Chicago, IL

"Never Your Best Option"

3.0 rating

Had a Sears rep out to bid/sell an ac replacement. Needed a 5 ton, 16 seer unit with air handler/heater. No duct work or electrical work required. Just remove 20 year old existing unit and put in efficient new unit, simple enough.The rep was prompt (ahead of schedule) professional and very friendly. Appeared knowledgeable as well.That's all that can be said was positive about the experience. I was high balled on the price and offered 12 months interest free financing on a project over $10 K. Of course I did my homework and found another reputable company to do the install $1,500 cheaper with 36 months financing at zero interest. When I brought this to the attention of the Sears rep, the response I got wowed me. I was offered a "price match" and 24 months interest free financing. Obviously I stuck with the "other guy" and the 36 months. Bottom line, Sears should have come to the table with a "good deal" to begin with instead of making a potential customer feel they are being taken advantage of. As the saying goes, always get several quotes on projects, big or small and Sears is not likely to ever be your best option. They are definitely not the company they once were. They lost sight of customer service values and I witnessed it first hand with my recent encounter.


Houston, TX

"Ignoring service calls"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Sears does not stand by its air conditioning products. We had air conditioning put in 11 months ago and this summer its performance was horrible. We sat here with air conditing, sweating because it didn't cool off the house. This was central air conditioning we had installed. The first time we called someone came out and did nothing and was annoyed to have to come. He was rude while here and told us that this may be the best we'll get. We called again over and over and they kept saying they would get back to us, but didn't. We had a second problem in that the air conditioning would not turn off. No one has ever gotten back to us and of course no one came out. We asked for someone different than the first person who came out. We don't know why they won't tell us why we are being ignored. We are senior citizens.

Edwina Goode

Newberry Springs, CA

"Untruthful sales person – bad company"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Don't waste your time with this company. They subcontract everything and lie about other companies to scare you into doing business with them. Worst I've ever seen.


Omaha, NE

"Buyer beware"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Bought a unit and paid $13,000 for it. It doesn't work. Several repair calls later and an entire summer sweating and still no resolution. Customer service is terrible. They don't stand by their product and it's no wonder because it's awful. Don't buy a product from them. You will regret it!


Danielsville, GA

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