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Ruud UPNE Achiever Heat Pump Overview

A discontinued member of Ruud’s Achiever Series, the UPNE heat pump is advertised as offering “high efficiency for low cost cooling.” This unit was manufactured in two models, the A-series and B-series. While both perform at 13 SEER and 9.1 HSPF, units can reach as high as 14 SEER when paired with matched systems.

The UPNE has a heating capacity ranging from 18,400 to 58,000 BTU per hour and operates with a single speed, 8-pole fan motor. An elevated base pan and compressor compartment help keep noise levels and vibrations at a minimum during operation.

Additional components of this model include: a galvanized steel cabinet for increased protection, an easy access control panel for simple maintenance, and wraparound outdoor coil consisting of copper tubing and corrosion-resistant aluminum fins to enhance airflow.

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Consumer Reviews of Ruud UPNE Achiever


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Ruud UPNE Achiever Heat Pump Reviews

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"Very unhappy!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We bought our home as a foreclosure in 2011. The house was built in 2005. There are two Ruud units and both have been repaired many times. Since our heat-pump units have been discontinued, parts are very hard to come by. Every time we have had it worked on it appears to be a guessing game for the repairman. He takes out a part, buys a new part, replaces the old part and it doesn't work! Starts again: takes out another part, buys a replacement, installs the new part and it doesn't work! Whatever you do, do not buy a Ruud unit! They are junk!

Lois Volper

Douglasville, GA

"Ruud is junk"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We bought 2 units for 2 separate homes they broke within months of installation. They both have been broken more than 5 times each, they are both currently broken now. At the same time a family member had bought 5 units and the same situation, I don't recommend that anyone buy any product that has Ruud stamped on it; very poor quality.

D Graham

Albemarle, VA

"Leaking Freon Since Day One"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Leaking freon since day one. Three to seven service calls each year. Unit only five years old, waiting on service man now in this July heat. Many new parts and gallons of freon later we wish we had never heard of Ruud. Of course the company says contact installer who says sorry. Hot and unhappy in Sardis City, Alabama.

D and B Lanier

Sardis City , Alabama

"Ruud Heat Pump Manufacturer Defect = Dead in 8 Years"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This unit has been finicky ever since we bought this house in 2008. The thing is only 8 years old and our HVAC service tech told us that the two lines rubbing together (which is a flaw in itself) caused holes to appear and all the refrigerant to leak out. He also told me that Ruud (at that time) didn't install an automatic shut-off switch in the unit. This means that the unit kept running and running with no refrigerant, and it sucked air in through the holes in the broken refrigerant lines and contaminated the oil. I have yet to be able to find anyone to contact at Ruud or Rheem to discuss this, which is clearly a manufacturing defect. A heat pump system that is $5k to replace should last longer than 8 years. Also, our tech told us that NOW these Ruud units ARE installed with automatic shut-off switches because so many of them were breaking within the 5-year warranty window. So again, Ruud is responsible for putting a defective product on the market and I am trying like hell to get them to replace mine.

M. Ricci

Hayesville NC

"Ruud- rheem will not respond to my problem"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Where do you go when a company won't respond to your problems? I ordered a rheem, got a ruud UPNE-024JAZ, worked on all five years. The installer wrote me a 10 year warranty, ruud says it's no good. Raised all kinds of hell with customer service. She ask me what it would take to make me happy. I replied a new rheem heat pump, that I ordered. She bluntly said no way. The ruud that I ended up with needs 1800.00 to fix with a 10 year warranty that's no good. I know I've e-mailed rheem-ruud 8 times with no reply. I totally understand that ruud only gives a 5 year warranty but that's not what I ordered, also led to believe, they were the same thing, which they are. But Rheem has a 10 year, ruud only has a 5 year warranty. I feel that I've been scammed, shit on, and a big one broke off in me. I've had several rheem dealers contact me, asking that I lay off rheem. Well rheem owns ruud in my book they are the same, all but the warranty, which isn't right. Why don't they have the same warranty? I know I will never get any thing done but I want every one to know do not buy rheem or ruud.

Ronnie L. Wheat

tompkinsville ky.

Other UPNE Achiever Reviews

Several consumers on compliment Ruud as a brand, and the UPNE heat pump specifically. Specific comments toward the UPNE reflect that this system is easy to service, has reliable and intuitive components, and is backed by a solid warranty.

Similarly, users on note that Ruud offers prompt customer service, reasonably priced units and long-term reliability for their products.

Despite the praise from happy consumers, there are a number of troubleshooting issues associated with the UPNE posted on sites such as and Some of these issues include frozen coils, fan motor blower malfunctions and failure to heat and cool the home effectively.

RUUD UPNE Achiever Model Numbers

The UPNE Achiever is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number SEER / HSPF BTUs per Hour
UPNE-024JAZ 13 / 8.5 0
UPNE-030JAZ 13 / 8.5 0
UPNE-036JAZ 13 / 8.5 0
UPNE-042JAZ 13 / 8.5 0
UPNE-048JAZ 13 / 8.5 0
UPNE-060JAZ 13 / 8.5 0

UPNE Achiever Warranty

Ruud offers a 5-year limited warranty for the indoor coil, outdoor condenser coil and all other parts. In addition, the UPNE A-Series is equipped with an 8-year limited compressor warranty, while the B-Series has a 7-year warranty for the compressor.

Additional coverage on parts and labor is available through Ruud’s ProtectionPlus plan. Homeowners can coordinate extended coverage with their dealer’s maintenance program.

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