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Ruud Ultra Heat Pump Overview

The Ruud Ultra heat pump is an Energy Star-certified two-stage serial communicating heat pump with an efficiency rating of up to 17 SEER and a heating efficiency of 9 HSPF. Certain models feature a 2-stage Copeland Scroll Compressor that ensures accurate temperature control. The compressor comes equipped with a sound blanket for decreased noise and On-Demand dehumidification for humidity control.

Ruud Ultra heat pumps have Comfort Control2 Systems, which provide more than 37 on-board fault history and diagnostics codes for the condensing units by detecting electrical, as well as system faults. The pump’s coil is protected from the elements of weather by a louvered wrap-around jacket. The unit is made with durable materials for withstanding the extremes of weather and is designed to allow for easy maintenance thanks to a single service panel and top-grille that can be removed for motor repairs.

In addition, the Ruud Ultra Series heat pump is “Legacy Enabled,” meaning it can be wired to older models of Ruud air handlers, thermostats and furnaces.

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Ruud Ultra Heat Pump Reviews

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"UP20 ultra are game changers"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have installed 4 of the Ruud up20 ultra series heat pumps this year. All my customers are very satisfied. They love the fact that you set your econet smart stat on auto at your desired temp and forget it. That simple, no more set back temp at night.Those days are gone. Customers report a 25-40% savings on their utility bill as well. Indoor and outdoor units are very quiet as well. They are a little more money than a standard 15 seer unit, but the payback time is minimal and is a attractive option if you plan to stay put in your home for more than a couple years.


Bend, OR

"Failed twice in less than 6 years"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

The Rudd heat pump I had installed in March of 2012 has failed again for the second time in 6 years. The first time was 3 years after installation. There was a manufacturers defect in the coil which caused coolant to leak. If the installer hadn't gone to bat with Rudd for me it would have cost me $3000. As it was it cost me nearly $1000 which I didn't feel I should have to have paid but I needed to get the thing fixed. Now it is not heating. I took out a home warranty after the first failure because I had zero faith this thing was going to last. Turns out I was right. This is the last Rudd unit I will ever buy. Next time I will pony up for a Trane.

J Couch

Hill Country, TX

"Run away"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Was installed August 2013. Had to have freon twice 350 each time. Copper coils went bad, etching and leaking freon. Got new coils at the price of 1200.00 dollars. Coils looked worse than the 20 year old system I replaced. 7000 Dollar piece of junk. Stay away.


Charleston, SC


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I had a Ruud 15 seer heat pump and air handler installed Feb 2010. In Feb of 2013 I had to have the evaporator coil replaced due to a leak. In Feb 2014 the condenser was replaced due to a leak. In Oct 2015 the evaporator coil was again replaced. Now it is Dec 2016 and I have to have the reversing valve replaced due to a leak. I have paid almost as much in repairs and refrigerant as I did for the unit. Then the electric bill goes sky high when the unit goes out even if it is for only a couple of days while waiting for parts. Customer Service is no help at all. My dad spent a little more on a complete Trane system the same year and has no problems…. I should have listened to my dad!!!

M Owen


"Poor warranty service"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

The compressor fan stopped running on August 1. The next day an authorized service company determined that the motor would have to be replaced and ordered the replacement as a warranty item. It took Ruud until September 13th–43 days–to deliverer the replacement motor to the service company. The new motor was finally installed the next day.


Goodlettsville, TN

Other Ultra Reviews

When a consumer asks for advice on the best heat pump on, an overwhelming number of responses point to the Ruud Ultra heat pump as the better option amongst the brands in question, including Carrier and American Standard. One particular respondent says that the Ruud Ultra heat pump provides low indoor humidity and allows for better sleep.

On the other hand, several consumers post on these sites issues with their unit’s noise level. One homeowner on finds their Ultra makes out-of-the-ordinary noises in the middle of the night when the unit switches to its defrost cycle. Another consumer complains of noisy vibration of a newly installed unit, although other posters on the site urge that homeowner to have the technician come repair what may have been a faulty installation.

RUUD Ultra Model Numbers

The Ultra is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number SEER / HSPF BTUs per Hour
UPNL-024JEZ 13 / 8.5 0
UPNL-030JAZ 13 / 9.4 0
UPNL-030JEZ 13 / 9.4 0
UPNL-031JEZ 13 / 9 0
UPNL-036JEZ 13 / 8.5 0
UPNL-042JEZ 13 / 9 0
UPNL-043JEZ 13 / 9 0
UPNL-048CAZ 13 / 9 0
UPNL-048DAZ 13 / 9 0
UPNL-048JAZ 13 / 8.5 0
UPNL-048JEZ 13 / 8.5 0
UPNL-049JEZ 13 / 9 0
UPNL-060JEZ 13 / 8.5 0
UPQL-018JEZ 15.5 / 9.5 0
UPQL-024JEZ 15 / 9 0
UPQL-030JEZ 15.5 / 9 0
UPQL-036JEZ 15.5 / 10 0
UPQL-042JEZ 15.5 / 9.5 0
UPQL-048JEZ 15 / 9 0
UPQL-060JEZ 14.5 / 9.5 0
UPRL-024JEC 17 / 9.1 0
UPRL-024JEZ 17 / 9.5 0
UPRL-036JEC 16.5 / 9.4 0
UPRL-048JEC 16 / 9.1 0
UPRL-060JEC 15.5 / 9.2 0
UPRL-060JEZ 15.5 / 9 0

Ultra Warranty

Ruud Ultra Heat Pumps have a 10-year conditional replacement warranty. There is also a 10-year parts warranty provided the pump was properly registered and installed along with a new air handler or indoor coil for a Ruud gas furnace. Consumers are required to register the unit within 60 days of closing on the purchase of their residence or installation for the conditional warranty to be valid.

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