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5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

We installed a new furnace in our rental home 6 years ago and it has been absolutely trouble free. What a change the last unit was a 10 year old Trane that we nearly had repairs done on annually.

J. Peterson

Roseburg, OR

"3 Months old and "faulty"..and I'm supposed to pay to have it changed!!!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We had a Ruud installed in October and moved into our house in January. The furnace was loud, sounded like a deisel truck in the basement. I complained to the installer but he denied anything was wrong. Finally I called the distributor and the Rep. They came and looked at the furnace and sure enough, it's defective. But instead of exchanging this practically brand new furnace out for us, the Ruud is only willing to give ua a labour credit of $300. towards the $2000. labour bill to remove it and then install another furnace. The installer and the distributor wont return my calls and I am now calling the national customer service line, waiting for a call back. Take my advice, get a big name company to do your install and buy a trane. I wish I did.

Too Late

Vancouver, BC

"Thanks for the 21 years RUUD!!"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Replacing our Ruud system that was originally put in our house 21 years ago! It may have been noisy and not the most efficient (60%) but it never let us down. Looking forward to a new system, but I have nothing but thanks to our Ruud system.


Denver, CO


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Most of the negative reviews on here have nothing to do with the manufacturer at all. Come on, problems in a rental place. How many land lords have tenants that change there filter every month, let alone keep a clean house. Dirt, dust, and moisture are the cause of most furnace service issues. A lot of contractor issues also. Did they do a load calculation to size the furnace correctly or did they just match it to the one you had? Is your duct correctly sized? Over temping is a furnace killer. I like the one that could not get the contractor to call back after bringing a factory representative out and that will never buy a Ruud again. Why is that Ruud's fault sounds like if he had to get a representative, he doesn't know what he is doing. If you all want some real advice, research your contractors. An improperly installed furnace will always have problems. Any brand. That's a guarantee.



"Wonderful Furnace"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Two of these units were installed in our new home 15 years ago and they are both fantastic work horses. I had to replaced the igniter in the downstairs unit this year and will be replacing the blower motor in the upstairs unit soon. Total of about $250 in repairs over 15 years is fantastic. Not other maintenance has been done to the units. I will definitely replace them with similar units whenever they finally wear out.


Atlanta, GA

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