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Ruud Achiever Furnace Overview

Ruud’s Achiever Series furnaces include nine models of gas furnaces and two oil models. The gas furnaces all achieve an AFUE rating of 90 percent or more; both oil furnaces promote efficiency of up to 85 percent. The various models include such differences as upflow or downflow; horizontal or vertical; two- or single-stage operation; and variable speed blowers or adjustable speed.

Furnace Filters for the RUUD Achiever

Air Flow ConfigurationCabinet WidthFilter Size(s)
Upflow17.5″15.75x25x1 (bottom)
Downflow / Horizontal17.5″Two 12x20x1s
Upflow21″19.25x25x1 (side)
Downflow / Horizontal21″12x20x1
Upflow24.5″22.75x25x1 (bottom)
Downflow / Horizontal24.5″Two 14x20x1s
UpflowAll15.75x25x1 (side)

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Consumer Reviews of Ruud Achiever


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  • 80% of customers recommended

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Ruud Achiever Furnace Reviews

"Happy With My Rudd Achiever"

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

I’ve had the Rudd Achiever for 10 years. It is reliable and efficient. I have had slight trouble lighting it each season as it gets older but the inconvenience of this has been minimal. I have never had to repair or replace it in this time. I would definitely buy this furnace again.

Atlanta, GA

"Excellent Furnace Great Installation"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Live in Kitchener Ontario where the winters can be brutal. Had a Ruud rgrm-06 (60,000 btuh) 2-Stage gas valve, variable speed blower motor- furnace and 14ajm 1.5 ton air conditioner and coil installed (16.00 seer system overall). Furnace is quiet, system is matched with the proper thermostat (Honeywell Vision Pro IAQ) which also allows dehumidification, will also run my humidifier in the winter and also controls my hrv-all from the thermostat. Only one of the sales representatives that came by our home even mentioned that a variable speed Ruud furnace would be able to dehumidify in the summer months- and then humidify in the winter months- he knew everything about the Ruud furnace and air conditioner, knew the best controls (T-Stat)and measured everything properly for a quick and well done installation which included enlarging our return air duct as the existing one was too small to allow proper air flow back to the furnace. A good furnace need a great company to install it! The local (20 years in business) Kitchener contractor also sells Trane as their primary brand and when we did the comparisons, we chose the Ruud based on the fact that you could believe the sales-comfort advisor. He didn’t try to sell us, only presented the facts about the two brands of systems. We were replacing a Lennox high end system that was only eight years old every year from the first year on- something else would go on it- then finally the heat exchanger went- after only eight years- trouble from year one.

Kitchener, Ontario


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I bought an 95% Achiever two stage. An hour after the unit was newly installed it stopped working. I have contacted Ruud after sales support and am really disappointed in their response and follow up of my issues. In fact after I talked to the Ruud/Rheem rep he has never responded back. How is that for customer service . ? I was so disenchanted I had my contractor bring the Ruud technical rep and nothing has changed. This unit is loud! And I agree with another reviewed on the lack of warmth. I am not so sure this product is working the way it should; meaning I have a lemon or it is just a defective/sub- standard product in general. What a sad state for such a big investment. I thought I did my homework, but alas. Please take advantage of this wonderful forum and read, read the reviews.

Pittsburgh, PA

"No problems"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I had the Ruud Achiever 90+ Efficiency furnace installed in Dec. 2004 for a cost of around $4000 & no rebates. It is a 2 stage modulating furnace. I also had a humidifer installed. I have not needed any repairs on either. The furnace comes on immediately, heats my house quickly, and operates very quietly. As to how much $ is saved over my previous 30 year old furnace it’s hard to know due to constant rate increases. My house is around 2500 sq ft. and my heating costs in a moderately cold winter month here in Spokane, wa will average $125.

Spokane, WA

"My Ruud Furnace"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I have read alot of negative reviews all of them are from poor installation. I have had my Ruud acheiver for 10 years with only having to clean the flame sensor. I live in the desert with alot of dust and this is to be expected. I have read about circuit boards shorting out from moisture on condensating furnces. This is due to improper venting and the inducer motor has a hole in it to bleed off the extra water so you will know. I have heard about heat exchangers burning out. Did you know that you are supposed to set the temperature rise on every furnace and when over fired it shortens the life of the heat exchanger. Blower motors burning out and furnace that short cycle leaving cold areas are due to poor duct design or poor load calculations. I am a contractor and have installed alot of different furnaces and have had no problems with any one of them. What it comes down to is the installing contractor and what he knows. Remember a cheap job great and a great job is never cheap.

Other Achiever Reviews

A homeowner with a Ruud Achiever 90 Plus furnace is one of several to write in to with an ignition problem. This particular furnace will not stay lit, and the owner has replaced the flame sensor and the circuit board. An expert, upon consulting the fault code directly, concludes that the furnace’s circuit board has suffered some type of defect.

A consumer on asks about the difference between the Ruud Ultra and the Achiever series. The Ultra series includes 80 and 90 percent efficiency furnaces. An HVAC contractor recommends choosing a 95-percent efficiency furnace for the greatest energy savings. The Ruud Achiever gas furnace series includes such models.

Another post on highlights a homeowner’s choice between an Amana system or a Ruud system. Several contractors seem to like the Ruud brand, and believe it is a quality furnace. The experts point out that the biggest factor in deciding between the systems comes down to the installer. They believe that working with a trusted contractor is more important than the brand.

RUUD Achiever Model Numbers

The Achiever is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
UGRC-04EMAES 95 45,000
UGRC-06EMAES 95 60,000
UGRC-07EMAES 95 75,000
UGRC-07ERBGS 95 75,000
UGRC-09EZAJS 95 90,000
UGRC-10EZAJS 95 105,000
UGRM-12(EN)ARJS 93.3 120,000
UGTC-04EMAES 95 45,000
UGTC-06EMAES 95 60,000
UGTC-07ERBGS 95 75,000
UGTC-09EZAJS 95 90,000
UGTC-10ERBGS 95 105,000

Achiever Warranty

The warranties vary slightly among the different models in the Ruud Achiever series. All of the Achiever gas models include a 10-year conditional parts warranty. Several models offer a lifetime limited warranty for the heat exchanger. Registration is required for the warranties on the Achiever gas furnaces. The Ruud Achiever oil furnaces offer a 5-year parts warranty and a lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchanger.

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