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RUUD UAKA Air Conditioner Overview

The discontinued RUUD UAKA air conditioner, also known as the Achiever 10, is a 1.5- to 5-ton capacity unit designed for single-family, multi-family or light commercial applications. Each of the seven models has a single-speed motor considered at the time of the series’ manufacture to be highly efficient. The UAKA uses R-22 refrigerant and has a cooling capacity ranging from 17,000 to 56,500 BTU/H. The unit discharges air upward, which not only helps minimize operational noise, but minimizes air restriction for greater efficiency.

The unit’s jacket protects the air conditioner with its wraparound, louvered design. The top grill is reinforced with steel for added protection from debris, while the powder-painted cabinet provides protection from weather. The motor is held under the discharge grill by the design’s grille/motor mount and is therefore protected from precipitation. Further corrosion resistance is ensured by the drawn, painted base pan.

The Ruud UAKA is equipped with a hermetically sealed Copeland scroll compressor and has temperature motor overload protection. The unit uses copper tubes with aluminum fins. Accessories, such as a low ambient switch or high and low pressure controls, can be added.

UAKA controls can easily be maintained by the removal of one service panel. Additionally, the top grill is removable allowing access to the condenser, fan motor and condenser coil, and the scroll compressor is housed in a separate compartment for easy access.

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RUUD UAKA Air Conditioner Reviews

"25 Years of COOL in Florida"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

This ac was installed when our home was built in 1993. I don't remember who suggested it or why, but I can tell you that it has been a solid and reliable piece of equipment through almost 24 years of scorching heat and a few very cold nights! Annual maintenance and replacing Freon in the last year or two have been our only costs. 1993 must have been a good year for Ruud; reading recent reviews makes me aware of the need to have a knowledgeable and trustworthy HVAC company stand behind your decision! Praying accordingly.

I. Peden

Naples, FL

"The worst very Rude is the RUUD"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We built our home in 1998 at that time had a 5 ton Ruud and 2 ton Ruud a/c units installed. The 2 ton unit did not even last one year, had to have the coil replaced. Then every other year until 2011 had to have it recharced, no a/c guy could ever find the leak. The 5 ton unit had to have it recharged every three years and now even after a charge it will not cool the house. They should change there name to rude. I will never buy Ruud or anything they make ever again.

Greg Friddle

Manteca, CA

Other UAKA Reviews

Homeowners who have contacted HVAC discussion boards about the RUUD Achiever report having experienced a variety of problems with the condenser. Common problems posted on include condenser coils freezing up, the fan locking or the condenser motor not working at all.

Posters on describe such issues as the unit making a humming or buzzing noise or even “laboring at different intensities.” In one instance a homeowner was able to somewhat fix this problem by using a capacitor/hard start kit. However, a technician suggested that in order to prevent the new capacitor from being ruined, that homeowner should have a professional look at the evaporator to pinpoint the cause of the capacitor’s breakdown. The condenser issue was reported in units as new as 7 years old.

RUUD UAKA Model Numbers

The UAKA is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number SEER BTUs per Hour
UAKA-018JA 10 17,000
UAKA-024JA 10 22,800
UAKA-030JA 10 28,200
UAKA-037JA 10 35,400
UAKA-042JA 10 40,000
UAKA-048JA 10 46,000
UAKA-060JA 10 56,000

UAKA Warranty

For 5 years from the date of installation, RUUD will provide replacements in the event of failure under normal use and service. Such coverage includes the compressor and any other parts. Any leaks from the condenser coils that are caused by factory defects are covered by the warranty for 5 years as well. Such coverage pertains to these single-phase units installed after January 1, 2001.

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