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"Boat anchor!!!!!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

New system installed with new construction. Had an issue with the control board, and a coil started leaking. Three years old and the crooks only cover the parts. I have seen Coleman, Carrier, and others go 20 to 30 years with no issues, but not this pile of sh*t! I would advise anyone building or buying new, to run the other way if the hvac man says RUUD!

Doug Lawrence

Rushville, MO

"Still Junk"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Still junk. I've had all the same problems as many of the previous posts. I apologize, I do not know the model/series, but I do know it is a RUUD. We moved into a brand new executive rental home (2bd/2ba) Dec 31, 2017. We have had nothing but trouble from day one. First, the heater didn't work. We were told it just hadn't been "hooked-up" correctly. At the time, we didn't have any reason to not believe the management company. Fast forward 7 months, we have had numerous issues. We have had to have the Freon recharged 3 times, the fan replaced, and several other parts (that the management company won't disclose to us). The unit is loud, very loud. It sounds like an old jalopy car! It runs non-stop, it will run for 10 minutes, stop for a minute or 2, and then kick back on, and yet we can barely get our house to cool below 75 degrees. And our bills are just outrageous. I'm glad we weren't the ones who actually purchased this piece of poo, but I'm not happy that we have to deal with all the inconveniences and excessive utility costs. I don't understand why we haven't had another new ac unit installed, as I would imagine this one is still under warranty. If it is indeed actually new, as we are led to believe, but this would be the management's call, not mine. If I ever have to purchase my own ac unit, it will definitely not be a RUUD. I've had both a Trane and a York, and they were great. Never had any problems with either in over 10 years we lived in those houses. All they ever needed was a quick, standard annual service, and then they ran perfectly. Buyer beware, RUUD is still junk!


Surprise, AZ

"Junk manufacturer"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I purchased a unit from a local distributor and they installed it. Since the install, the first year, unit was completely out of Freon. Same thing the second year and third year when we fired up the a/c when it heated up. On all occasions, there was a leak on a copper joint to the compressor from vibration. They ended up having to cut and solder the line, which is for filling Freon during the winter months so it wasn't really needed. The fourth year, the blower motor went out and the fifth year (2018, this year), Freon was out again and am being told we need new evaporator coils which is around $1,100.00 dollars. Both the distributor company and I have been in contact with, RUUD, and they will not warranty anything or help out with anything we have gone to them with. I have spent enough money fixing this piece of junk to buy another unit and it's only been 5 years. I'm almost wondering if I have a case for small claims court case, but I'm not the type of person to do something like that, but I also work in customer service and RUUD definitely does not take care of you or back up their product. All they say is it was an install error, which is complete bull. Do not buy a RUUD!!

A. Gainey

Albany, GA

"Ruud/Rheem' coil are defective and they don't stand behand their products"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

In 2017, my Ruud/Rheem ac starts to leak Freon after installation 6 years ago. Even though the coil failed a little earlier than the other brands I've use, I didn't blame on Rheem and though it might be wear and tear. I replaced a new Rheem evaporator coil and pay the Freon refill on my own. Now, after one summer use, the new replaced coil starts to leak Freon again. A technician came to check and said the coil I got from Rheem in 2017 is an originally defective part and I have to replace it again, which is another thousand dollars. Why do I have to spend thousands of dollars to replace coil and refill Freon every summer if Rheem's product is qualified? Is there any other ac brands have to be replaced coil and refill Freon every summer? Rheem refused to offer any explanation and technical assistance. Such an irresponsible and sly company! Shame on Rheem and will never purchase their product again!

Tian Z

Houston, TX

"Rudd gatbage"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

The first year Freon leaked out and All they did was refill. Less then a year later it leaked again and The coil/evaporated had to be replaced due to leak again. It should have been replaces the first year as now labor was not covered after first year. Now at three years the the compressor is bad and Labor again is not covered but warranty covers the Part. My last house had a carrier for 10 years and never had any problems. So pretty much the whole system other than the air handles has been replaced in this. Anything done to it. Bad



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