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Ruud Achiever Air Conditioner Overview

The Ruud Achiever is a single stage high efficiency air conditioning unit with an efficiency rating of up to 16.5 SEER. The louvered, wrap-around jacket protects the coil and is powder painted for all weather protection. The top grill, made of reinforced steel, is removable and provides easy accessibility to service the condenser fan motor and condenser coil. The PSC fan motor provides quiet, energy saving operation. The Ruud Achiever has the most advanced alternate refrigerant and contains no compounds which could leak and harm the ozone layer.

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  • 46.67% of customers recommended

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Ruud Achiever Air Conditioner Reviews

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"A/C gone no cooling."

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

My home is two years old, I bought in 2016. Ruud central unit already giving problems, repairmen say coil and relief valve needs to be replaced, plus freon from 300 to 400 dollars. Warranty covers parts, but not labor. Repair is because of defective parts. Why doesn't Ruud cover labor too?

Tony E Simmons

Manchester, TN

"Ruud is quality"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I see a lot of reviews here bashing Ruud. I am a hvac tech and the company I work for installs everything from Ruud, Lennox,Trane, Bryant, Carrier and sometimes even junk Goodman. Ruud is one of our most reliable brands. Trane can be problems at time as well as Lennox. I Will say everyone of these brands has problems from time to time. Ruud is probably the one that has the least amount of problems. It all comes down to your company installing the hvac equipment. The most important day of your systems life is the day its installed. So when you look at the quote and two are higher by a good amount, there is a reason for it. You get what you pay for in life


North Jersey

"Not worth the money"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

$4400 pos It is not worth scrap metal. Not worth the money….Terrible.

jon jon kelly

Wellington, FL

"Good stuff"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Installed in 2002. Had one switch replaced. We live in Central Texas. A/C is more important than the furnace here. It has worked hard. I put in an artificial plastic vine cover to shade it from the direct sun. It'll run for a few more years as it is quiet and dependable. I wash the coils off once a month, grass clippings and lint from clothes dryer accumulate on them.

Craig Philip Campbell

Praha, TX

"Don't waste your money!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Purchased both a/c and furnace in April 2012. We live close to St. Louis, mo. Summers are usually hot and humid. We have an 1800 square foot ranch house and keep a/c on during June,July, August and mid- September. Then we shut the air off and open the windows and use our attic fan once the weather cools back to 75-80. With that said…clearly we don't abuse the unit by overuse and always hire an hvac expert for regular cleanings and change the filter regularly. The unit ran beautifully the summer of 2012 and 2013. We turned it on mid May of 2014 as it was a very hot and dry start to the summer. The unit stop cooling three weeks later! We called a professional who said the condenser coil broke and we need a new one. Good news, it's under warranty. Please keep in mind at this point the unit has only run for two full seasons and 3 weeks of a third season. Our repairman calls the local distributor who calls the Ruud distributor…they don't have any coils as they are being built. It appears many people who own a Ruud had their coils break! We are told one week. That week passes, it's 95 degrees outside. The second week comes around, we were told the part will be ready to ship out. Terrific! Only they didn't tell us that they won't ship the part right away, they wait for the truck to fill rather than ship one part at a time even though it is under warranty. The second week passes, still no part, temperatures again hovering around 95. Third week comes around, by this time I am calling everyone daily, RUUD, their warehouse, the local distributor, etc. Everyone is playing the blame game. The shipping truck finally moves the third week, however, now we have to wait 3 more days so it can make 3-5 stops on its route to St. Louis. The part finally arrives three weeks later. While the part was under warranty the labor, Freon, etc. is not. $700 later we finally have air. Upset that we had to pay for the repair, upset Ruud wouldn't step in and help expedite the shipping on a 2 year old unit. Now it is the summer of 2015, just 1 year and 15 days after we had the condenser coil replaced, it blows again! Once again Ruud won't stand by their product only saying "it's under warranty". The customer service lady Jamie, even suggested it was because of my neighbor and that they probably shot it out with a B B gun. Then she asked, " do you have dogs". Yes, I said. Jamie replied, "Well that is why the coil keeps going out, your dog is peeing on it and corroding the coil". First of all, my dog squats, secondly the coil is 2 feet above the dogs head and thirdly my dog doesn't have opposable thumbs to take the cover off the unit to pee on the coil! The unit is only three years old, it broke down last year and again this year. Repairs cost $700+ each time, plus having to wait 3 weeks for the part to arrive. I can't afford to pay $700 each year, so I opted buy a Lennox. RUUD still refuses to take any blame for the defect, and basically told use there is nothing they will do other than honor the warranty. Turns out the copper coils are made so thin that this is a common problem , not only for us but for anyone who buys a Rheem or Ruud unit. When a company can't keep the replacement parts in stock due to so many going bad, it should be a clear sign it's an inferior product. Bottom line, don't purchase a Ruud unless you like sitting without air in your home for three weeks during the summer, and be prepared to spend $700 every year for your replacement parts. But as Ruud said, "It's not our fault".


West St. Louis County, MO

Other Achiever Reviews

Online comments on HVAC forums note the Achiever as a good unit. Several consumers and professionals on replied to a question about the Achiever by saying it is a good product, although some preferred a unit by Carrier. Consumers on discussed replacing an air conditioning unit with the Ruud Achiever and mentioned that it is better for the environment.

Achiever Warranty

The Ruud Achiever features a 10-year conditional parts warranty when properly registered and installed with a new Ruud air handler or Ruud indoor coil with a Ruud gas furnace.

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