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Ruud Achiever Air Conditioner Overview

The Ruud Achiever is a single stage high efficiency air conditioning unit with an efficiency rating of up to 16.5 SEER. The louvered, wrap-around jacket protects the coil and is powder painted for all weather protection. The top grill, made of reinforced steel, is removable and provides easy accessibility to service the condenser fan motor and condenser coil. The PSC fan motor provides quiet, energy saving operation. The Ruud Achiever has the most advanced alternate refrigerant and contains no compounds which could leak and harm the ozone layer.

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Ruud Achiever Air Conditioner Reviews

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1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Ruud is the worst! My Ruud Achiever is less than 7 years old and constantly breaks down. Condenser coil leak, defrost module, fan motor failure so far & I had to install a UV light for mold that grows in the unit. Ruud is horrible & customer service says, 'Talk to the installer." The installer has nothing to do with the way it is made.


Murfreesboro, TN

"Ruud air conditioning reviews"

3.0 rating

You will find that all the reviews pertain to an outdated product that has not been around for over 6 years. Ruud's new product is the RA up to 16 seer, the RP up to 15 seer. The RA is straight cool and RP is heat pump. They also have their 2 stage 16 seer systems. And finally they have their 3 stage 17 seer inverter series and 20 seer variable speed inverter series. Take the reviews with a grain of salt since they have not been updated in years. The installation is all that matters.

D. Busse

Sarasota, FL.

"Avoid Rudd / Rheem no manufacturer warranty support"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Customer service should be taken in account. I purchesed a Rudd unit and in the first year it started having problems with ice forming on the top of the unit during rain, (not the coils). This ice would eventually expand into the unit blocking the units fan. The local contractor did what he could but it actually was a design flaw that allowed water to collect on the top of the housing and the cold air blown onto the housing from the unit running would freeze the water. The defrost mode worked fine on the coils but it would not nor would it be expected to defrost the housing. Rudd's answer was it was weather related and to build a roof over the unit. (Note this unt was not reciving any water from adjacent roofs or obstetrical just normal rainfall.) And in fact the 2 units next to it never had this issue just the Rudd. In conclusion, the units housing was a bad desighn or ought to be supplied with a little shed, (which is ridiculus). If your rudd runs well or is a local repair problem, no worries, if it requires warranty or any other issue involving Rudd the manufacturer. Good luck you will not get assistance or satisfaction.

M Vincett

North Carolina

"Rated most trouble free"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Consumer reports rates RUUD most trouble free. My contractor says shoddy installs are the biggest problem.

John Ehrbar

Parma, OH

"New Model is great and quiet"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

What do you like about this equipment? It's very quiet and it lowered my light bill by almost half (my old Ruud unit lasted almost 20 years) What do you dislike? It's pretty big, about 3 ft by 3 ft by 4 ft tall, my old Ruud was short and rectangle Would you buy the same brand again? Definitely, they have a proven track record with myself, my father, and mother in law

Rob A.

Houston, TX

Other Achiever Reviews

Online comments on HVAC forums note the Achiever as a good unit. Several consumers and professionals on replied to a question about the Achiever by saying it is a good product, although some preferred a unit by Carrier. Consumers on discussed replacing an air conditioning unit with the Ruud Achiever and mentioned that it is better for the environment.

Achiever Warranty

The Ruud Achiever features a 10-year conditional parts warranty when properly registered and installed with a new Ruud air handler or Ruud indoor coil with a Ruud gas furnace.

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