Richmond Power Vent Water Heaters

Richmond Power Vent Water heater Overview

The Richmond Power Vent is a discontinued gas water heater. The unit was available in 40, 50, 60, and 75 gallon tall and short capacities. Several models were Energy Star rated. An integrated self-diagnostic system monitored the water heater, and flammable vapor detection sensor disabled the heater in the event of flammable vapor accumulation. It featured venting lengths of up to 100 feet, with vertical or horizontal termination. The EverKleen self-cleaning system helped prevent sediment build-up for improved efficiency.

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  • #1 of 4 Richmond Water heater
  • 12.5% of customers recommended

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Richmond Power Vent Water heater Reviews

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"Horrible customer service and worse water heater"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Bought because of good name and found out it is junk. Hasn't worked since installed. Called for service and never heard from them again for a week and a half till I called back. Was told"oh the contractors are very busy" but they couldn't call and tell me what was going on. Finally got them to provide a voucher so I could hire my own master plumber to come to look at it. He did so and replaced a few parts and reset the controls and it worked for about 12 hours before going back to error codes. Now I call back to demand replacement and am put on hold for an hour and then told they will only cover up to $250 for plumbers fees for replacement. Would never buy rheum or Richmond ever again.

Pat Phillips


"Rheem hot water tank"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Purchased Rheem hot water heater 02/15/16,1 yr.part& labour, leaking 02/26/19, phone Rheem, problem, you're on your own. Load up return to home depot yes we have one in stock great return with new one. Install,300.$ Plumber, great wife happy, now Rheem will only give me remaining warranty from original purchase, will leave me with less than 3 years, hope this one doesn't leak, not happy-shop around.CHECK Reviews

k. rowe

Dunnville, Ont. Canada

"Never buy this brand again"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

So I bought a water heater in June of 2010. It has a 6-year warranty. The heating element goes out of it in September 2016. They don't stand behind it! So much for customer service. So then I proceed to order the part from them which is $30 more than if I just ordered it from Menards, but I thought I would get it sooner than from Menards. Turns out it will take longer because they didn't have it in stock. So meanwhile we are taking cold showers for 2 weeks! No regard for the customer, all I got was that there was no guarantee of when it will ship, even though I was told it would be at my door step in 3-7 days. So for 2 weeks my wife, 3 kids (9, 13, 14) and myself are taking cold showers.

L. Smith


"Richmond model 65G50PV-42F"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

No issues in 8 years, works great.

B Baxter

Holley, NY

"Don't buy one"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I normally never write reviews but this is the worst water tank ever! My tank went out at 17 months old. I took it back to the store and got a new one. Installed it and it had a bad control. I took that one back and got another new one. Installed that one and the same thing, another bad control. Had two service guys from different companies out looking at it because I thought I was losing my mind. They are ranked 33 out of 37 hot water tank manufacturers. Going to buy a Reem from Home Depot.

K. Rollins


Other Power Vent Reviews

There are several problems listed with Richmond Power Vent water heaters on, including leaks, noise and ignition problems. Many of the problems seem to be with the vent itself, and most of the units are over ten years old, well past the warranty period.

Power Vent Warranty

The warranty for the Richmond Power Vent water heater is comprised of the following:

  • 6-year tank warranty
  • 6-year parts warranty


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