Rheem Performance Water Heaters

Rheem Performance Water heater Overview

The Rheem Performance is a water heater available in both gas and electric models. The gas units range in capacity from 28 to 98 gallons, with an energy factor of up to .67, and are available with several venting options including direct vent and power vent, as well as atmospheric and direct vent units designed for manufactured housing. Electric units range in capacity from 6 to 50 gallons, with an energy factor of up to .95. Electric units include a point-of-use model which can be installed in small spaces, a Table Top model for installation in kitchens which require more counter space, and a model designed for manufactured housing.

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  • #4 of 14 Rheem Water heater
  • 73.08% of customers recommended

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Rheem Performance Water heater Reviews

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"Hot water every time all the time!"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Recently my old water heater gave up and started leaking water. I found myself in need of a new one and Rheem stepped up. At first I was hesitant to go with a water heater that was like my last one but I'm glad I did. The Rheem has been very efficient and has done everything it promised and more. Hot water is on demand immediately and the gas bill has decreased considerably. The installation was a breeze and I am sure anyone with a couple of tools could do it themselves. From the manufacturer the warranty is absolutely excellent and you can better believe that if something was to go astray Rheem would fix it. It's been so great that I've hardly given it much thought, I'm sure it'll last me many more years to come if not for the rest of my years.

Calexico, CA

"Worst water heater ever"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I will never buy another Rheem product. The unit is less than two weeks old and after two service calls and numerous phone calls to Rheem, it still does not work.

M. Griffey

Pensacola, FL

"All the hot water you need and more!"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

This water heater is amazing! We have only had it a few weeks, but life is much more enjoyable these days with plenty of steaming hot water from every tap. My wife enjoys baths and long showers and now she can indulge herself as long as she wants. If I need to do dishes at the same time? No problem. She does not even notice it. This is a huge improvement over our old water heater. I should say, I have not received a power bill since we have bought this. If it's crazy, I will update this review to say so, but I think this heater is efficient; that is what they told me at the store. I am a handy, can-do kind of guy and installation was fast and easy and pretty simple. Getting it home, well, that is another thing – it's not small. It's just great for the two of us. I would certainly buy this brand again.

Largo, FL

"Replaced a 25-year-old Rheem"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

So far this new Rheem is working great. Heats up quickly, I don't know how much electricity it's going to use. This replaces a 25-year-old Rheem. If this one lasts even a 1/3 of the old one it will be well worth the money. Seems well built. The only thing I'm not happy about is it's made in Mexico.

Shurman Hurd

York, PA

"No problems yet!"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I have currently owned this water heater for 6 years, after my first one went down. It was a pretty simple installation; it took less than two hours to install it after I bought it from Lowe's. At first I thought the unit was too small for the house, but it was more than adequate for my needs. The heater responds to use very quickly, and I can get hot water going through in about 8-10 minutes. I have recommended them to several friends, some who have changed to a Rheem in the past year or so. They have also been very happy with their heaters. The only issue with my heater is that the pilot went out just about every week, forcing me to go downstairs to turn it back on. It straightened itself out after about a month. I love everything about this heater; I wouldn't change a thing about it.

Columbus, Ohio

Other Performance Reviews

There are very few online comments regarding the Rheem Performance water heater on HVAC forums. A consumer on terrylove.com asked for opinions about the Performance versus the Performance Plus and Performance Platinum, with the majority of responses favoring the Platinum. The main reason listed was the higher energy factor.

Performance Warranty

The warranty for the Rheem Performance water heater is comprised of the following:

  • 6-year tank warranty
  • 6-year parts warranty
  • 1-year full in-home labor warranty


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