Rheem Performance Plus Water Heaters

Rheem Performance Plus Water heater Overview

The Rheem Performance Plus is a water heater available in gas and electric models. The two gas units both come in 40 and 50 gallon capacities, with an energy factor of .62. The one electric unit is available in 40 and 50 gallon capacities, with a .95 energy factor. The Performance Plus is self-cleaning, which helps prevent sediment build up and saves energy, and the gas units are maintenance-free, with no filter to clean. It uses a premium grade anode rod for long-lasting protection against corrosion, and comes with both a temperature and pressure relief valve and an enhanced flow brass drain valve. All models of the Performance Plus have a self-powered diagnostic control system with troubleshooting codes.

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Consumer Reviews of Rheem Performance Plus


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  • #6 of 14 Rheem Water heater
  • 66.67% of customers recommended

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Rheem Performance Plus Water heater Reviews

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"Worst possible customer service"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

My plumber install this unit only to discover that the gas control switch would not work. Rheem customer service said the part could be delivered the next morning which was a Saturday but we did not receive it until Monday morning. At that time I tried to contact their technician to schedule installation and he did not return my call. I called the company and after a 20 minute wait, they also tried to reach the technician with no answer. Tried to other technicians outside of my area with no success. Day four with no hot water. I'm now trying to get my plumber to install the part and hopefully will be reimbursed by Rheem but I don't hold out much hope. Safe to say, I would not buy this brand again.

Sharon McNeely

Wynnewood, PA

"Horrible just plan horrible"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Your product and customer service is a complete joke. I purchased one of your hot water heater in March. From day one we had problems. Finally after a week of no hot water and your customer service department playing games and the service company you referred playing games, we were able to get a new hot water heater. With that said, that hot water heater has been leaking since day one. I called and they sent me out a replacement part But, still it is leaking. I then called in today and spoke to a miserable supervisor named, Shakir. I called to get service along with request that my warrant that will expire in March be extended. He was rude and to the point of advising no and that he will get the service company out. For 2 hot water heaters to go in less than a 9 month period. What is that saying about your product. Also not extending the warranty even shows your own company doesn't stand behind its own product. Unbelievable! I will never purchase anything with your name attached to anything again!

S king

Allentown, PA

"Poor Quality"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Purchased a new 50 gallon Rheem Hot Water System in April 2016. Never worked once installed after replacing both pilot light assembly and control module. I had to hire a plumber 2 times to make these "so called" warranty repairs. Cost me $240 for plumber and never reimbursed by Rheem. Had to re-install system by myself, 68 years old, since Rheem has no technical support here in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas area. I also suffered major injuries in re-installing the system and returning to Home Depot, which was a disaster.

Stephen Campbell

Plano, TX

"Don't buy!!!!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Purchased on March 7 from Home Depot. Stopped working March 14. Called warranty department and no call back as of March 20. Finally found a repairman. Defective water heater. Now to get a new one and fight for my money back. Ridiculous!


Chandler, AZ

"Perfect Performance from the Performance Plus Series"

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

This past summer my husband and I decided that it was time to update some of the older appliances in our home as our utility bill was beginning to get excessive. After a few weeks of research and visiting various warehouse stores, we decided on the Rheem Performance Plus forty gallon water heater. The warehouse store we purchased it from threw in free delivery and installation, but the short model would have been able to fit in the back seat of our SUV had we chosen to bring it home and install it ourselves. The water heater is extremely responsive, and I've noticed a definite difference when showering. Not only do I have more hot water, it seems to be a much higher temperature than before. My previous water heater got the job done, but it took so long to replenish the hot water that it was bothersome. The Rheem Performance Plus heater can replenish hot water almost as quickly as it's used. The only problem I have with it is that I would prefer having a larger tank, but with how quickly it heats water it seems to be much bigger on the inside. I would definitely recommend it to friends and family.

Springfield, MO

Other Performance Plus Reviews

There are not many online reviews regarding the Performance Plus. A homeowner on Terrylove.com asked for opinions on whether to buy the Rheem Performance, Performance Plus, or Performance Platinum water heater. The comments were mixed and the homeowner decided to purchase the Performance because of the lower price and ease of replacement. Another homeowner on the same site asked for opinions between the Performance Plus and a Whirlpool 6th Sense. Most comments favored the Rheem and the homeowner decided to purchase the Performance Plus.

Performance Plus Warranty

The warranty for the Rheem Performance Plus water heater is comprised of the following:

  • 9-year tank warranty
  • 9-year parts warranty
  • 2-year full in-home labor warranty


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