Rheem Fury Rheemglas Water heater Overview

The Rheem Fury Rheemglas is a discontinued water heater that was available in both electric and gas models. The gas models featured a Gasmaster™ burner designed for even heat transfer and R-Foam insulation for increased heat retention. Electric models came with high efficiency dual heating elements and an over-temperature protector which cut off the power when the temperature exceeded safe limits. A temperature and pressure relief valve was included with both gas and electric units.

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Consumer Reviews of Rheem Fury Rheemglas


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  • #4 of 14 Rheem Water heater
  • 80% of customers recommended

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Rheem Fury Rheemglas Water heater Reviews

"Raheem makes a very good water heater."

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

This is the water heater that was in my home when I purchased it. My wife absolutely loves it. This is an absolute work horse. My wife usually has the washing machine and dishwasher running at the same time. I have never in the entire time I have lived here run out of hot water. Where we used to live that was always a problem. My wife takes very long showers and she would always run out of hot water. This water heater is outstanding and I cannot think of a single drawback. The only thing would be that when I go to replace it I get a more energy efficient model from them. Since it is an older unit it probably takes more energy. I would definitely recommend this brand to anyone that is in the market and looking for a new water heater. I find it amazing that we have never had a single issue with this. My parents have had repeated problems with theirs, however they do not own a Rheem.

Tampa, FL.

"Hot Water Heater, Gas Model 22-30-2 Brand Rheem gas"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

My hot water heater is a gas model made by Rheem. It worked fine for the first two year I had it, but now for some reason I can't get the pilot to stay lit. Every morning I half to wake up 30 mins early to light the pilot, let it warm, then take a shower. I really don't know what the problem with this model is, but heats like a charm when working properly.

baton rouge

"For an efficient, economical water heater, a Rheem is a great choice."

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I've had my Rheem natural gas water heater for over 2 years now and can't think of much I dislike about it. Since installation, this water heater has provided steaming-hot water, is very quick to heat up the water, and is fairly economical. The yearly cost to operate is usually much less than $200 which is a big plus and probably less expensive than a comparable electrical water heater. At 40 gallon capacity, the 21V40-38 is perfectly sized for a small family/household, yet large enough to provide adequate water supply..you won't run out of hot water! The water heater functions quietly and has instructions clearly printed on the outside, making lighting the burner a very easy task. This is my first water heater from the brand Rheem, but I would recommend this model and brand to others. The water heater has been free from problems or issues since first being lit and works efficiently in the background to deliver hot water whenever its needed. In the future, I would probably get a slightly more economical model, to reduce impact on the environment, but can not think of anything other than this about the 21V40-38 water heater that I dislike. It is truly a great product.

Rome, GA

"My Electric Water Heater and Its Service to My Family"

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

I currently own a Rheem electric water heater. It is called a Rheemglas Fury. This appliance was made in May of 2004 which makes it over seven years old. The Rheem came with the house when we bought it new. It has done well with 4 to 5 adults living in the house at the same time. We have never had any problems with leaks or any elements going out. It has never been serviced. I'm not sure how much energy it costs me monthly, but I absolutely can't complain about its service. The only things I don't like about it is that it's take is a little small for as many adults as we have living here. Everyone seems to like to take long showers. In addition, I have heard gas water heaters are less expensive to maintain, but gas is not an option in this house. I would definitely recommend this brand to friends or family and I wouldn't hesitate to have another one in the future.

Littl Elm, Tx

"Rheem Glas Fury"

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

We have had two of these units for 16 years and many of my neighbors have had to replace theirs. However ours are are still okay. I think we will need to replce them soon. I will want something more energy efficient when we replce them.

Cathy Stavropoulos

Vernon Hills, IL

Other Fury Rheemglas Reviews

There are very few comments regarding the Fury Rheemglas on HVAC forums. Among them are a consumer on thetankatwaterheaterrescue.com who had a problem changing the anode rod and a consumer on doityourself.com who changed his water heater's elements, only to find the problem was due to a faulty thermostat.

Fury Rheemglas Warranty

The warranty for the Rheem Fury Rheemglas water heater is comprised of the following:

  • 6-year tank warranty
  • 6-year parts warranty


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