Rheem Fury Gas Water heater Overview

The Rheem Fury is a discontinued gas water heater with an efficiency of .58 – .62 EF and an FHR of 50 to 90 gallons for natural gas. Fury water heaters featured the Guardian System and were designed to surpass ANSI standards for flammable vapor ignition resistance. The Fury included a brass drain valve and temperature and pressure relief valve. The EverKleen system fought sediment build-up, and a patented magnesium anode rod with resistor prevented rust from building up inside the tank. The Fury came in 29, 38, 40 and 50 gallon tall and 20, 40 and 50 gallon short capacities.

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Consumer Reviews of Rheem Fury Gas


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  • #5 of 14 Rheem Water heater
  • 63.64% of customers recommended

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Rheem Fury Gas Water heater Reviews

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"Absolutely Wonderful!"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I have absolutely no issues with this water heater. I live in a three person household, and each of us likes to take scalding hot showers at least once a day. We've never had any problems with the temperature of the shower water cooling on us. Once my roommate was sick with pneumonia and practically lived in the shower for the steam, and the water heater was able to keep up with her needs. It's even possible for all of us to shower at the same time and run the dishwasher on hot with no problem. I personally feel that there is absolutely nothing to dislike about this! The only "possible" problem I see anyone having is that is does run on gas; I know my mother is terrified of gas leaks, but I've never had a problem with that either! I have never had to repair or replace the unit, and I'd certainly recommend it to a friend!

Gainesville, Fl

"Great Water Heater"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I own the Vertex GPHe50 water Heater, I have owned the unit for 6 months now and I am happy to say that I am very pleased with the Unit; it is quite and delivers a large amount of seemingly never ending hot water. I could have gone with a cheaper unit, but being as energy efficient as this unit is, it more than makes up for the extra price I have had to pay for the unit. It was an easy installation process, I was able to move the unit to the side of the house that actually required hot water, the water is always hot, and with the big 50 gallon tank I never have to worry about waiting on the tank to fill up to do my business. And my wife loves the unit, so I guess it goes without saying, no more cold showers for me, that's for sure.

Charleston, WV

"Exceptional Home Gas Water Heater"

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

I have owned this water heater for over a year and love how consistent the temperature is. It has an easy access dial to change the temperature so I can customize how hot the water can get. This is a great feature to utilize with the concern of hot water being used by children. It's efficient heating makes for lower water consumption due to the short wait period for the water to heat up saving me money in the long run. My only dislike about this water heater is the size. I understand water heaters are large but the space in my garage is limited and the only thing that would make this heater even better would be a size reduction. In the year that I have used this water heater I have had no problems or concerns. I would buy the same brand because it offers an energy saving model. Overall, it's performance meets my expectations.

Lacey, WA

"Rheem 22V40F1 Natural Gas Water Heater, 40 Gallon"

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

Purchased this as an "upgrade" after the tank our builder supplied rusted to the point where the hot water was running brown. Only to find that our 30 years structural warranty on the house does not cover faulty appliances. Wanted to go tankess but could not afford to make that jump at this time. What's good about it: For a family of 3 it holds up just fine to the morning shower routine. It seems to be pretty easy on the gas bill so far, but I am waiting until summer to be sure as I am not sure how much of my "savings" is really just a decline in heating costs in general. What's bad: Installation was not as easy as described, and it sure felt heavier than the 100 pounds it was supposed to weigh. Still not sure how it will hold up when relatives stay for the holiday season as sometimes you have to wait to shower after doing a load of laundry. I would buy a Rheem again, but this time I would splurge on a tankless and recommend the same to a friend. The upfront cost may be more, but the long term savings and instant on hot water can't be beat.

Columbus, OH

"Very Good Water Heater"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Well, good sir, what can I say? I have had absolutely no issues with this water heater. Granted, I have not owned it for a very long time ( approximately 2 months), but I still really like it. It gets the water scalding hot and keeps it that way. We have six people in our household, do three to four loads of laundry per day, and we still never run out of hot water. It's not a particularly big water heater, so I guess we could attribute the availability of hot water to the water heater's ability to heat the water rather quickly. There is nothing that I dislike about this water heater, but if I had to say something, I would say that I haven't owned it long enough to enjoy it. I would definitely buy the same brand name again. I would also definitely recommend this brand name to a friend.

Marshall, Tx

Other Fury Gas Reviews

Reviews of the Fury were positive when compared with other gas water heaters. A thread of comments on terrylove.com compared it favorably to a Bradford White heater, and several members commented favorably on the brass drain valve of the Fury.

Fury Gas Warranty

The Rheem Fury gas water heater has a 6-year limited tank and parts warranty in the United States. With ProtectionPlus, the 6-year limited warranty becomes 10 years. In Canada, the tank warranty is 6 years and the parts warranty is 1 year.


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