Rheem Fury Gas Water heater Overview

The Rheem Fury is a discontinued gas water heater with an efficiency of .58 – .62 EF and an FHR of 50 to 90 gallons for natural gas. Fury water heaters featured the Guardian System and were designed to surpass ANSI standards for flammable vapor ignition resistance. The Fury included a brass drain valve and temperature and pressure relief valve. The EverKleen system fought sediment build-up, and a patented magnesium anode rod with resistor prevented rust from building up inside the tank. The Fury came in 29, 38, 40 and 50 gallon tall and 20, 40 and 50 gallon short capacities.

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Consumer Reviews of Rheem Fury Gas


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  • #5 of 14 Rheem Water heater
  • 63.64% of customers recommended

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Rheem Fury Gas Water heater Reviews

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"Don't make em like they used to"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

This water heater went to poop 6 years and 3.5 months after purchase and professional installation. The last one lasted 13 years and was also a Rheem. They just don't make them like they used to. We purchased from a local plumping company vs. a box store. We were told they are a more professional quality. In this case, not true.

Island Girl Trish

Wichita, KS

"One of the best hot water heaters I have ever owned."

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I have owned this hot water heater for about a year now, I had it delivered from an online purchase when my old one went out. The purchase was easy and the delivery was prompt. They drop shipped it to my door step. I installed it with ease and had it up and running in about 2 hours. I had to remove the old one, it was at least 10 years old. We had just bought the house and it was in need of many repairs. It is a natural gas heater and the bill from it is good, it is Energy Star rated. It is a 50 gallon capacity and allows for a superb amount of water. My wife can do dishes, has just had her shower, run the washing machine, and I still have plenty of hot water for my shower or bath. Also the water temperature is amazing, I have to keep it low or it will be hot enough to cause injury. I tested the heat just to affirm that it does what it claims. I was very impressed and turned it down immediately to not damage my piping. I want to also add this is a tough heater. I have had the basement flood twice now and it got high enough to put out the pilot light. I waited for everything to dry out and this hot water heater fired right up like a champ. I would recommend this company and style to anyone that wants needs a heater replacement. The only thing I would caution about the heater is the cost, it was not the low end model but I planned it that way to have a heater to last for a long time. I did plenty of research on models and dependability vs. cost and chose this one.

Clarksville, IN

"Lousy company and worst product"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Do not buy products from this company; they will not stand behind them. They are not made well at all. Their stuff is, in fact, junk. Then they will blame you.

Stephen Faye

Abington, MA

"22V40F1 Designed to fail"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Just came home to a wet basement and found that my 6 1/2 year old Rheem water heater is leaking out of the bottom. Wouldn't you know, just outside the 6 year warranty. It's almost like it was designed to fail in 6 years! I got talked into replacing a 30-year-old water heater that was working perfectly to take advantage of the energy savings and rebates at the same time I replaced my furnace. They told me with the savings, the thing would pay for itself. Not sure how I saved any money on this now that I have to replace it. What happened to the days when things were built to last? Going to look at a different brand and plan to spend less knowing now that I will have to replace it again in 6 to 7 years.

Phil B.

Minneapolis, MN

"Very Happy with Rheem"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I have an old Rheem gas heater in my house that was installed all the way back in 1987 according to the installer's sticker. That makes it 27 years old. Wow! Its still working fine, but there was quite a bit of brown/rust residue when I flushed it a few days ago so I think its time to replace it before it completely rusts out and makes a big mess. I think I'll go with another Rheem. Hopefully the new ones are made as well as the old ones..

J. Hershberger

Millersburg Ohio

Other Fury Gas Reviews

Reviews of the Fury were positive when compared with other gas water heaters. A thread of comments on terrylove.com compared it favorably to a Bradford White heater, and several members commented favorably on the brass drain valve of the Fury.

Fury Gas Warranty

The Rheem Fury gas water heater has a 6-year limited tank and parts warranty in the United States. With ProtectionPlus, the 6-year limited warranty becomes 10 years. In Canada, the tank warranty is 6 years and the parts warranty is 1 year.


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