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Rheem RPNL-JAZ Heat Pump Overview

The Rheem RPNL-JAZ is a discontinued residential heat pump offering 13 SEER and 10 HSPF. All models in this series were Energy Star-approved at their time of manufacture. They feature easy service and maintenance through one removable side access panel.

The RPNL-JAZ is advertised by the manufacturer for its quiet operation due in part to a scroll compressor that operates in a circular motion (rather than up and down) and an elevated base pan designed to reduce noise and vibration. Additional components include high and low pressure controls that protect the compressor and copper tubing and aluminum fin coils for efficient air transfer.

The outdoor coils and interior components are protected from environmental hazards by a galvanized steel wraparound cabinet. Finished with a powder-coat paint finish, the exterior of the unit is designed to maintain its appearance over time.

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Consumer Reviews of Rheem RPNL-JAZ


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  • #3 of 15 Rheem Heat Pump
  • 66.67% of customers recommended

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Rheem RPNL-JAZ Heat Pump Reviews

"Reviewing my Heat Pump"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

The heat pump we own is the RHEEM RPNL-048JAZ 4 TON SPLIT SYSTEM HEAT PUMP 13 SEER R-410. We have had this heat pump at our house for over a year. I disliked the fact that it was worth so much money however it was definitely worth the hefty price tag. The way the house is kept heated is second to none. Also, there is barely any sound from the system and the pump itself is also relatively quiet. Noise was a major problem we had with the previous system. There have been no major repairs on this, there was only one time where the fan was making some weird noises but it was simply because it needed to be cleaned out a bit. I would definitely recommend this heat pump to anyone who wants something of quality however be prepared to pay upwards of 1000$ for it. This heat pump is certainly not cheap but you will not be disappointed.

Poughkeepsie, New York

"Newer Rheem systems have defective expansion valves"

3.0 rating

Most of the Rheem RPNL equipment failures of the last 5 years or so are usually due to a defective expansion valve. All large domestic(USA)manufacturers of residential hvac equipment have had the same issues. Rheem installs their expansion valves at their factories so the expansion valve failures are covered under the parts warranty. Other manufacturers equipment is designed to have the expansion valve field installed by the installer. Those expansion valves have a 1 year parts warranty with no labor allowance. The point is if your experiencing issues with your Rheem system (the need to reset power, compressor overheating, freezing up coil) you need to have the expansion valve replaced. Any Rheem dealer can do the repair, not just whoever installed the system. The longer you wait the more likely you'll end up paying the cost of the repair of the defective expansion valve.

Rheem Dealer

"Solid and Effective"

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

I have owned my heat pump for the last year and it has been a good heat pump. This heat pump will get the job done effectively most of the time. However, there were a few occasions where the pump did not kick in right away and took a few extra seconds to work properly. I have not had my heat pump repaired after my 1 year of use. I would probably buy the same heat pump again unless someone offered me a comparable quality heat pump for a cheaper price. I would definitely recommend this heat pump to a friend, but I would tell my friend to shop around to see if they could possibly find something better. However, I think they would have a difficult time finding something better if you combine the quality and cost effectiveness of this heat pump. A good product at a good price!

South Dakota

Other RPNL-JAZ Reviews

The Rheem RPNL-JAZ seems to be very well-received by contractors and homeowners on the web. Contractors on hvac-talk.com recommend this unit, saying they've had good results with installations, and make special mention of the increased compressor protection with high and low pressure switches. Not all brands, they say, carry this feature.

Professional reviews also recommend this heat pump for homeowners looking to upgrade their system to a high efficiency one without paying a steep price for a high-end model. With three different warranties, solid coverage for this unit is mentioned as an additional benefit.

Rheem RPNL-JAZ Model Numbers

The RPNL-JAZ is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number SEER / HSPF BTUs per Hour
RPNL-018JAZ 13 / 8.5 0
RPNL-024JAZ 13 / 8.5 0
RPNL-030JAZ 13 / 9.4 0
RPNL-031JAZ 13 / 9.5 0
RPNL-036CAZ 13 / 9 0
RPNL-036DAZ 13 / 9 0
RPNL-036JAZ 13 / 8.5 0
RPNL-042CAZ 13 / 9 0
RPNL-042DAZ 13 / 9 0
RPNL-042JAZ 13 / 9 0
RPNL-043CAZ 13 / 9.5 0
RPNL-043DAZ 13 / 9 0
RPNL-043JAZ 13 / 9 0
RPNL-048JAZ 13 / 8.5 0
RPNL-049CAZ 13 / 9.5 0
RPNL-049DAZ 13 / 9 0
RPNL-049JAZ 13 / 9 0
RPNL-060CAZ 13 / 8.5 0
RPNL-060DAZ 13 / 8.5 0
RPNL-060JAZ 13 / 8.5 0

RPNL-JAZ Warranty

Rheem provides a 10-year conditional parts warranty, 5-year limited parts warranty and 10-year warranty on the compressor. Units must be registered to receive the full warranty terms.

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