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Rheem JEC Heat Pump Overview

Rheem currently produces the RPRL-JEC series heat pump, which has a SEER rating of 16 and an HSPF of up to 9.5. The JEC heat pump, a part of the Prestige series, is available in 2- to 5-ton capacity units. The two-stage JEC heat pump provides an on-board diagnostic system that helps homeowners and technicians identify any problems easily, even in the event of a power outage. The manufacturer also touts the unit’s corrosion-resistance and durable cabinet, and reports that the two-stage scroll compressor keeps the unit running efficiently.

The system can be matched with the manufacturer’s Prestige series air handler for improved humidity control.

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Rheem JEC Heat Pump Reviews

"Find something else"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

I've owned this unit amd the matching air handler for 6 years. During that time the exterior fan motor and electrical board have died twice, roughly 3 years apart. The air handler blower motor also died and during replacement, it had to be reconfigured due to a lack of parts from the manufacturer. According to my installer and repairman, I have needed to wait for days at a time to have custom parts made. The fan outside and the fan inside had to be made because nobody stocks it. The outdoor fan costs $450. So far I've been covered by the tenure warranty. I won't be so lucky in another four years and at the rate this thing is burning out fan motors, it will be more cost-effective for me to buy an entire new unit every 10 years. I also get to pay double service charges since nobody keeps these parts readily available, and they always have to come back for a second visit. So before you buy one of these high-tech marvels, do you self a favor, try something else.

Tim Blodgett

Deltona, FL

"Ultra High Efficiency 3 ton 16 Seer Heat Pump"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We are having trouble getting the promised $1000.00 rebate promised by the installer. Was listed on the invoice, but Rheem has failed to come through with rebate. We plan to take installing dealer to Small Claims Court We installed a rheem Ultra High Efficiency 3 ton 16 seer Heat Pump model number rprl-036jec with matching Coil RCFL-HM36,7/8"refrigerant line set, ground pad, disconnect and electrical whip, Programmable thermostat, install new Rheem 2 stage gas furnace 95% up flow furnace Model number rgrm-06emaes and install new return air drop. Total cost 8555.00 less Utilities Company rebate of 1000.00 and Rheem cash rebate of 1000.00. rheem does not stand by their rebate program.

John Merritt

Seymour, Iowa

"Never again"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

I wish that this site was around 2.5 years ago when my 2001 Rheem died and I stupidly replaced it with another after reading Consumer Reports etc. Now the motor is shot and I get to pay the service repair guy $50 for coming out to say the motor was dead and when they come to put in the warranted part, another $175. I'm am so over this. When the system works it is very good but now unreliable. Forget trying to contact the company because they do not respond and do not include a phone number.

D Hawks

Seminole, Fl

Other JEC Reviews

A homeowner poses a question on gardenweb.com about replacing a heat pump system. The consumer has received estimates on units from Trane, Lennox, and Rheem. The Rheem JEC heat pump unit is priced higher than the others, but the experts determine that the quote is for a larger-sized unit. Two contractors recommend that the homeowner have load calculation performed so he will be able to purchase the correct size. The Rheem heat pump receives favorable comments from the contractors.

Another post about how a Rheem heat pump compares to a Trane heat pump appears on hvac-talk.com. The contractors seem divided on the two units; both receive favorable reviews from various installers. Several seem to like Rheem’s thermostat and warranty and the unit’s simple, solid design.

A consumer asks about the reputation of Rheem heat pumps on another post on hvac-talk.com. The experts respond that Rheem makes excellent products, but advise that the consumer find an installer who will perform a load calculation as that is the mark of a true HVAC professional. Overall, Rheem products seem to get high marks on the HVAC forums.

Rheem JEC Model Numbers

The JEC is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number SEER / HSPF BTUs per Hour
RPRL-024JEC 17 / 9.1 0
RPRL-036JEC 16.5 / 9.4 0
RPRL-048JEC 16 / 9.1 0
RPRL-060JEC 15.5 / 9.2 0

JEC Warranty

The Rheem JEC heat pump comes with a conditional unit replacement warranty of 10 years for which homeowner registration is required. The compressor is also guaranteed for 10 years, and a limited parts warranty is provided for a 10-year period.

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