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"A Rheem lasts and lasts…"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I'm about to replace a 41-year-old Rheem furnace with a new one, as the technician threatened to red-tag it if I didn't. Good thing these aren't made in China!

T. Coy

Louisville, CO

"Rheem, a reliable brand!"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

We have owned our Rheem furnace about 15 years. We really love it. It works great and is very reliable. We live in Georgia, and in the winter, we can get some rather cold nights. I just moved to Colorado, and I didn't want to be cold this winter or be forced to pay for electricity to heat a poorly insulated garage. I like to keep our temperature fairly warm inside, so it seems the furnace is running a lot when it is cold outside. It has always been so reliable. We have never had any repairs on it , and it continues to work great and keep us warm. The only thing we ever have to do with it is to clean the air filter. It is such a reliable brand. I would definitely recommend it to all my friends and family. For a furnace to last so long and never need a repair is fantastic. I know I can always count on this brand to perform well, but this had exceeded my expectations by a long shot. It will be the only brand of furnace we use in the future, because I know it is dependable and won't need maintenance. It is a superior furnace!


"Must be cleaned every two years but i like it."

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

I bought this house 5 years ago and it came with the house. It started malfunctioning a couple years ago and i could not decide what to do. Then I learned you are supposed to open it and clean it which is not a fun chore. But if you don't mind it, it is a fine working furnace. It is a durable piece of equipment. It has been in my house for 7 years and I have lived in it for four. It is not that loud at all but if nothing is going on in the house you can hear it. It was a problem for my family but I did not care about the noise. Personally I like white noise in the background to be more productive, but I understand how the sound intensity coming from the furnace is a problem for everyone else. If it is cleaned it is much less noisy than when it is dirty. So all in all it is a nice piece of equipment, it just needs to be cleaned every year. I would recommend it for someone who doesn't mind getting dirty once a year and is looking to save some money.

billings montana

"17 Plus Years: Heated the Entire House Without Problems"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

The home that my grandfather purchased after World War II came with a Rheem gas furnace. It was manufactured in the 1950s and from what I have experienced, it appears to be everlasting. After my grandfather's passing, my family and I remained in the house during Buffalo's ice cold below zero winters and the Rheem furnace kept our 862 square feet home warm and toasty. We had one vent in each room and the heated air current was moderate, averaging about 78-82 degrees. Once or twice per winter season the pilot light would go out but it was easy to relight it. Every fall we would religiously have a service provider to do a routine seasonal service check. This helped in increasing the life of the furnace. The vintage Rheem furnace is extremely large and not compact like modern day boilers, however the heating quality and durability of the boiler is top notch. I give the Rheem Model #3200-84 five stars and recommend this brand for others. A Rheem furnace is worthy of purchase.

Buffalo, New York (Lived there for over 17 years) Now living in


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We have a Rheem heater that is less than six years old. We have had to have it repaired three times in the last three years. Basically, it's a piece of junk. There is no way a heater should be having problems this early in its lifetime. I would definitely not recommend buying this brand!

Phil Brewer

Hammond, IN

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