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Rheem Classic 90 Furnace Overview

There are several families of furnaces in Rheem’s Classic 90 Series, including a two-stage 92+% AFUE and two versions of single-stage 90+% furnace. The design of the Rheem Classic 90 Furnace is CSA certified.

Rheem does not offer an oil furnace in the 90+% AFUE range, although they do offer several furnace models in the Classic 80 line which have an AFUE that exceeds 80%.

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Consumer Reviews of Rheem Classic 90


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  • #5 of 10 Rheem Furnace
  • 33.33% of customers recommended

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Rheem Classic 90 Furnace Reviews

"Very pleased with Rheem furnace & A/C"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Contractor installed 2 units in my shore home 11 years ago. Had to recharge 1 of the units once, a fitting loosened over time and Freon escaped. Had a circuit board short out in the 2nd unit due to a lightning strike hitting the transformer on the power lines outside the home. Contractor repaired both situations within hours of my contacting them. Great customer service by DJ Wagner in Deftford, New Jersey, a Rheem authorized contractor. Just had a Rheem installed by RPM of Marlton, NJ. Installed a 4 ton A/C unit with Prestige furnace this summer. Installed next day when contacting the Rheem authorized contractor. Has been working great all summer in the 90+ degree weather. Again, great service.

Cherry Hill, NJ

"Unhappy with Warranty handling"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

My furnace needed a $286 repair within 2 years. The connectors powering the gas valve were not connecting properly and needed to be crimped tighter after 2 years. However my big dissatisfaction is with their handling of the warranty. I was late getting it registered so the company cut the warranty from 10 years to 5 years. I have decided I will send no more money to the company that makes Rheem Furnaces as a result of this and I have started researching their replacement for the time when they will not cover a part under warranty. I also found the warranty itself unacceptable. It gives me the feeling they really do not want to have a warranty and their action sure seems to back this up. I told them of my plan to replace their furnace with a competing furnace. We will see if they back down on their threat.

Markham Ontario Canada

"Zero customer service"

3.0 rating

I have one point to make – if you buy a rheem you will get no, NO, customer service – ever! They will not take calls and will insist you contact an independant service person – thereby ensuring you pay for service calls. Worst company I have ever dealt with!

new jersey

Other Classic 90 Reviews

Comments on the HVAC-Talk message boards and heating contractor sites are generally mixed regarding the performance and repair of the Rheem furnace:

  • One author at the HVAC-Talk forums claims that the Rheem fan doesn't work consistently, due to weak controls, but when the furnace does work, it produces a good amount of heat.
  • Another person claimed that Rheem is inefficient and does not always perform properly. This forum participant, like the other poster, felt that when Rheems does work, the quality of performance is noticeable.
  • A third person insists that Rheems no longer provides replacement parts, making the correct parts hard to find without an effort. However, Rheem diagrams provide clear direction for installation, so when these schematics are followed, effective installation and motor performance are assured.

Question and Answer


Where is the reset button on the Classic 90?


On 2012-12-31 JB wrote:

Amazingly enough after spending quite a bit of time searching through Rheem documentation and searching online I haven't been able to clearly identify the location of the reset button. More than likely it is on or near the control panel attached to the furnace, but hard to be sure at this point.

Before poking around I suggest calling either Rheem or a certified HVAC tech and asking either.

I also have to ask if there is a reason why you need to hit the reset button. If the furnace is not functioning properly it may be best to find the LED fault/error code display and see if there is a code flashing. Again, after going through Rheem documents and online there is not a lot of information, but I did find this description:

"In the lower panel, you'll notice a little round "window" that peers onto the control board. When the unit shuts down, there will be a little light flashing in the little window. This will be flashing a code, seperated by a pause, and then the code again. Count the number of flashes, and correspond that number with the error chart listed on the inside of the lower door."

So if you can ID the error code it will give a sense of the problem. More than likely you will need to call and HVAC tech to come and do a full diagnosis and to fix the problem.

Rheem Classic 90 Model Numbers

The Classic 90 is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
RGRB-07EMAES 92.8 75,000
RGRB-07EYBGS 92 75,000
RGRJ-04* 93.5 45,000
RGRJ-06* 92.5 60,000
RGRJ-07* 92.8 75,000
RGRJ-09* 93.5 90,000
RGRJ-10* 92 105,000
RGRJ-12* 93.5 120,000
RGRS-04EMAES 93.5 45,000
RGRS-06EMAES 92.5 60,000
RGRS-09EZAGS 93.5 90,000
RGRS-09EZAJS 93.5 90,000
RGRS-10EZAJS 92 105,000
RGRS-12ERAJS 93.5 120,000
RGRT-07EMAES 93.2 75,000
RGRT-07EYBGS 92.9 75,000
RGTJ-04* 92 45,000
RGTJ-06* 92.4 60,000
RGTJ-07* 92 75,000
RGTJ-09* 92.4 90,000
RGTJ-10* 92 105,000
RGTJ-12* 92.1 120,000
RGTS-04EMAES 92 45,000
RGTS-06EMAES 92.4 60,000
RGTS-07EMAES 92 75,000
RGTS-07EYBGS 92.3 75,000
RGTS-09EZAGS 92.4 90,000
RGTS-09EZAJS 92.4 90,000
RGTS-10EZAJS 92 105,000
RGTS-12ERAJS 92.1 120,000

Classic 90 Warranty

The Rheem furnaces come with a 5-year limited warranty on all parts. The heat exchanger has a limited lifetime warranty.

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