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Rheem Classic 90 Plus Furnace Overview

The Rheem Classic 90 Plus series consists of single and two-stage gas furnaces offering up to 95 percent AFUE. All models are designed for easy installation and have a low, 34-inch profile for upflow, horizontal and downflow configurations.

While all models in this series are promoted for their quiet operation with a soft-operating PCS motor, an insulated blower compartment, and a slow-open gas value, only the two-stage units have a multi-stage function. This feature contributes to improved furnace efficiency by allowing the system to consistently operate on a lower stage until the need for increased heat is detected.

Additional features of the Classic 90 Plus series include an aluminized steel heat exchanger, direct spark ignition and remote sensor, and a pre-painted galvanized steel cabinet designed for durability and protection.

Furnace Filters for the Rheem Classic 90 Plus

Air Flow ConfigurationCabinet WidthFilter Size(s)
Upflow17.5″Two 15.75x25x1s
Downflow / Horizontal17.5″Two 12x20x1s
Downflow / Horizontal21″Two 12x20x1s
Downflow / Horizontal24.5″Two 14x20x1s

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Consumer Reviews of Rheem Classic 90 Plus


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  • #4 of 10 Rheem Furnace
  • 60% of customers recommended

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Rheem Classic 90 Plus Furnace Reviews

"Super energy efficient propane!"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

We’ve now owned this furnace for 7 years. It was the best purchase we have made for our energy efficiency aspirations we have for our home. In 7 years, the only service necessary has been to change the filters twice a year. Those are readily available online at various stores for under $30 each. We would highly recommend this to friends and family. The unit is so efficient that the vent flues are made of pvc and are cool to the touch. This means that virtually all of the heat generated is used to heat the home, not the great outdoors! I would be hard pressed to find anything negative about this boiler, but I’d have to say that the filters are rather difficult and time consuming to change, due to the pleated design. They take a good 15 minutes to change, unlike some of the others that have a simple swap out design. The unit will handle a merv rating of 13, which, I understand, will filter viruses! This Rheem unit is hooked up to a forced hot air system, as well as an air conditioning unit. It runs approximately 9 months out of the year in New Hampshire, and is consistent, clean, and efficient!

Londonderry, NH

"Failed heat exchanger"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This is an eleven year old model with heat exchanger failure. It is covered under warranty except the labor, which is $900 to $1200. The warranty is really of little value given the labor costs. I probably should just purchase a new unit. A furnace should not fail in only eleven years. I’m very dissatisfied.

Oswego, IL

"Noisy heat exchanger!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have a new Rheem High Efficiency furnace and it heats the house fine, but when it turns off it makes lots of crackling / pinging sounds as the aluminized steel heat exchanger cools. My wife says get rid of it…the noise is awful!


"HVAC Service Manager"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I am a hvac service manager of a family owned company. Many customers do not have regular maintenance, and their equipment fails every year. Of course, these are the customers who will whine and cry when the unit fails. You explain to them how important maintenance is, they know it all. If the equipment is sized properly and installed correctly, you should have very few problems, if any. Remember, it is a mechanical piece of equipment, not made to last forever.

Richmond Mi.

"No major problems yet"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I bought my Rheem furnace RGTA-07* in October 2001. Fours years later it had a problem of some times failing to light the burner. A technician came out and replaced the pressure switch which verifies draft. The technician seen a small oil leak from the fan motor. He replaced motor a few days later under warranty. Furnace worked great for about week after his second visit. Then furnace failed to light main burner intermittently. I kept the old switch and it tested good. I knew the root cause wasn’t fixed yet. I cleaned out the condensation trap next. Trap was plugged with a black muck. Since then it been working great. I now do all my own furnace work since receiving a degree in facilities maintenance. If anybody replaces a lot of parts all I can say is find a new service company. Your being ripped off.

Portland, OR.

Other Classic 90 Plus Reviews

While some reviewers on hvac-talk.com consider this model to be a quality, inexpensive option for efficient heating, several others report problems with the Classic 90 Plus. The consumer forums doityourself.com and justanswer.com are littered with troubleshooting inquiries for this unit.

Homeowners post problems with the system not staying lit, hard-to-read diagnostics, failing components, and issues with the unit intermittently stopping and starting. Improper installation and sizing issues also are among the reported setbacks.

Contactor reviews also mention Rheem has had a history of problems, but the key to solid performance is installation from an industry professional.

Rheem Classic 90 Plus Model Numbers

The Classic 90 Plus is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
RGRA-04* 93.5 45,000
RGRA-04EMAES 93.5 45,000
RGRA-06* 92.5 60,000
RGRA-06EMAES 92.5 60,000
RGRA-07* 92.8 75,000
RGRA-09* 93.5 90,000
RGRA-09EZAJS 93.5 90,000
RGRA-10* 92 105,000
RGRA-10EZAJS 92 105,000
RGRA-12* 93.5 120,000
RGRA-12ERAJS 93.5 120,000
RGRB-07EMAES 92.8 75,000
RGRB-07EYBGS 92 75,000
RGTA-04* 92 45,000
RGTA-04EMAES 92 45,000
RGTA-06* 92.4 60,000
RGTA-06EMAES 92.4 60,000
RGTA-07* 92 75,000
RGTA-07EMAES 92 75,000
RGTA-07EYBGS 92.3 75,000
RGTA-09* 92.4 90,000
RGTA-09EZAJS 92.4 90,000
RGTA-10* 92 105,000
RGTA-10EZAJS 92 105,000
RGTA-12* 92.1 120,000
RGTA-12ERAJS 92.1 120,000

Classic 90 Plus Warranty

Rheem offers a limited lifetime heat exchanger warranty on most models within this series, and 5-year parts warranty for all remaining components for the Classic 90 Plus series. Single-stage models also are equipped with a limited lifetime warranty on heat exchangers. Products must be registered on Rheem’s website to receive the full warranty.

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