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Rheem RAMB Air Conditioner Overview

The RAMB split-system air conditioner is a discontinued member of Rheem’s Classic XII Series. Offering up to 14.3 SEER when used with compatible systems, the RAMB is available in seven models ranging from 1.5- to 5-ton units and has a cooling capacity of up to 55,000 BTU/H. All models in this series use R-22 refrigerant.

This single-stage system features a low noise scroll compressor, upflow air discharge, a low-speed fan motor and a drawn up base pan for quiet operation. The unit also uses copper tube aluminum fin coils to promote efficient heat transfer.

An easy access control box for quick maintenance, combination grille and motor mount for extra interior protection, and a powder painted cabinet to better preserve the exterior cabinet’s appearance are additional features of this unit.

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Rheem RAMB Air Conditioner Reviews

"Happy Rheem Customer"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I had this Rheem installed in April 2000. It is a 13 SEER, 46,500 BTU unit. I have just a single unit and it has cooled my 2,600 square foot home going on 19 summers (2000-2018) in Houston. My wife wants the temperature in the house, "cold." I use a Honeywell digital thermostat. During these 18+ years, I have had Freon serviced four times, an electrical contractor replaced two times and exterior coil cleaned 18 times (every year). I credit the long life of this Rheem unit to keeping the exterior (and interior) coils clean. I use certified A/C coil cleaner, sprayed in the coils and wash off with a power washer on fine spray 12-18" away. For the interior coil, I use the same cleaner, but use a garden sprayer with clear water. Clean the evaporator coil drain and pan drain twice per year and inspect the entire system three to four times per year.

Don B

Houston, TX

"Technician report on Rheem product / The true facts"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

The real truth about Rheem product and any other product for that matter. All systems breakdown. These reviews are a total joke. I am an a/c technician and there is not a better quality unit on the market than Rheem. These complaints as a technician are mostly installation problems, insulation problems or customers venting because the company who installed the unit did not use good judgement when installing the system. They had a freon leak on a solder joint and the system doesn't cool, that is not a manufacture problem that is a installation problem. People, please use a reputable company and if there is a problem find out what the real problem is before bashing any name brand out there. 85% of problems are installation problems not product malfunctions. This is my 2 cents for what it's worth.


Harvey, Lousianna

Other RAMB Reviews

While there are several troubleshooting inquiries posted on homeowner forums, the RAMB is generally considered a quality cooling unit by homeowners. The unit’s failure to cool due to broken components, including the fan motor, dual capacitor and compressor, is the most common issue reported on sites such as justanswer.com or fixya.com.

Despite the troubleshooting inquiries, several homeowners mention that their RAMB has been operational for more than 10 years. Contractors on hvac-talk.com also recommend Rheem products, saying they’re reliable units that should last multiple years when installed and maintained correctly. A solid warranty is another benefit professionals and consumers mention on these sites.

Rheem RAMB Model Numbers

The RAMB is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number SEER BTUs per Hour
RAMB-018J* 12 18,100
RAMB-024J* 12 22,600
RAMB-030J* 12 29,600
RAMB-036J* 12 34,200
RAMB-042J* 12 41,000
RAMB-048J* 12 46,500
RAMB-060J* 12 55,000

RAMB Warranty

Rheem provides a 10-year limited warranty for the scroll compressor and a 5-year limited warranty for the indoor coil and outdoor condenser coil. All other parts receive a 1-year limited warranty. An optional extended warranty program providing 10 years of additional coverage is available through your local Rheem contractor.

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