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Rheem RAKA Air Conditioner Overview

Although no longer manufactured, Rheem’s RAKA air conditioner series’ seven different models offered a selection of cooling capacities ranging from 17,000 to 56,000 BTUH. These single-staged units were designed for installation in single family, multi-family and light commercial structures.

The RAKA features up to 10 SEER. According to the manufacturer, a Copeland scroll compressor provides efficient operation with low noise and vibration. Upward air discharge, quiet fan operation and a low speed motor also contribute to the unit’s quiet performance.

Additional components of this air conditioner include a louvered wrap-around jacket for interior component protection, a powder-painted cabinet designed to withstand weather extremes and a combination grill/motor mount to secure the motor to the grill and thereby better protect it from the elements. Easily accessible controls and a removable top grill contribute to quick service and maintenance.

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Consumer Reviews of Rheem RAKA


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  • 40% of customers recommended

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Rheem RAKA Air Conditioner Reviews

"Little AC that gets the job done-mostly"

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

We bought our home in 2007 and the air conditioner was already installed and part of the house. We are a small family of three and the A/C keeps up with us pretty well. The big problem is when we have some friends over when it is hot outside, the unit has a hard time keeping up with all of the extra bodies creating heat. It still works fairly well, I can tell that the system is trying much harder to control the temperature. I can tell this by the frequency and length of the "on" cycles. I have never had to repair the A/C unit itself, but we did have to repair the central air fan which controls the air output for both the air conditioner and the heating system. That repair went great. In fact the repair guy only charged us for a service call, despite him being here over three hours on a Saturday. I would probably buy from the same manufacturer, but next time I would get a unit that was more efficient and one that pumped out more BTUs.

Portland, OR

"My Review on My Air Conditioner"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

The unit was built in 02/99. We live in Arkansas and the summers are brutal. The only problem we've had out of this unit was the compressor went out one weekend. The temp outside was 100 + so it was miserable. We had someone come out and fix it and it was fine after that. We would definitely recommend the unit to someone else. My husband is good about changing the filter every month, and doing all the little preventative things that he can do to prevent another breakdown. We've also had the power company come out and make sure it's efficient enough.

Jacksonville, Ark

"What a waste of money"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We spent $7,500.00 for a lemon. This is a 5 ton unit and was supposed to be the top of the line. I am not sure what line they mean. Only one year on labor that is where you get screwed. 1.5 years old and a fan broke we had to pay $300 to get that fixed. Then 3 years later the Indoor Expansion Valve, Compressor, and fan all went out. We are sitting on a bill of over one thousand dollars. I wish and pray that we had just gone to window units. Cheaper and much better running than this piece of crap. Home Depot thank you for nothing! I called Rheem and they could care less about the problem. Didn't even document what the problem was nothing. Told me to take a hike. I hope they go bankrupt!

j Hudson

Chatsworth, GA

"Blower motor going out plus"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Seems unit is getting very noisy. Original installer says it is a blower motor going bad. Should last longer. Make sure you get at least a ten year warranty.

Ron R.

Fort wayne, IN

"Wait and see"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

I purchased this unit 6 years ago and everything was fine up until this weekend. The compressor went out on me. I am going to contact Rheem to see if they will discount me a new compressor. I don't think it should have gone out on me so soon. My contractor is trying to convince me to get a new air conditioner but I am hesitant to go with Rheem again.

D. Fiadino

Jersey Shore, NJ

Other RAKA Reviews

A majority of the consumer comments around the web about the RAKA air conditioner are troubleshooting inquiries. Consumers on fixya.com and hvac-talk.com post inquiries to contractors involving installation issues, maintenance complaints and frequently breaking components.

Despite the many of these troubleshooting posts, most of these homeowners’ units are several years old, and they post no complaints about the unit itself. In response to these complaints, contractors suggest keeping air filters clean, making sure the power is on to the entire system and having regular service maintenance by a professional to avoid small troubleshooting issues.

Rheem RAKA Model Numbers

The RAKA is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number SEER BTUs per Hour
RAKA-018JA 10 17,000
RAKA-024JA 10 22,800
RAKA-030JA 10 28,200
RAKA-037JA 10 35,400
RAKA-042JA 10 40,000
RAKA-048JA 10 46,000
RAKA-060JA 10 56,000

RAKA Warranty

Rheem provides a 5-year limited warranty for the air conditioner’s compressor and 5-year warranty on all remaining parts for all models of the RAKA series. Condenser coil leaks caused by factory defects are also covered for the first five years of use. The warranty period only applies to single-phase products installed in homes on or after January, 2001.

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