Rheem 13AJL Central Air Conditioners

Rheem 13AJL Air Conditioner Overview

The Rheem 13AJL is a discontinued air conditioner with an efficiency rating of up to 14 SEER. The condensing unit was designed for ground or rooftop installation and had condenser coils of copper tubing and aluminum fin design. The unit shipped with a bi-directional filter drier for field installation. The cabinet was constructed of painted steel to provide protection from the elements. The 13AJL used R-410A refrigerant.

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Rheem 13AJL Air Conditioner Reviews

"Absolute junk!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Unit is less than 2 years old and is nothing but trouble. Constant Freon leaks due to poorly soldered connections at the factory. Now I just had the coil replaced due to leaks caused by defective copper tubing in the coil. Multiple recharges over the last 18 months. Of course the factory won't cover labor or Freon costs for each service call. They only covered the cost of the coil, but then charged me a "manufacturer handling fee" of $85. That's above the labor and Freon costs to install the new coil. In 18 months I have laid out over $800 for service calls. Since we live in Florida we can't do without the aA/C. Rheem is absolutely a poor quality product (made in Mexico). Wish I had read the reviews before purchasing this junk. My previous central air system lasted nearly 33 years. Dealer told me I'd be lucky to get 12 years out of the Rheem….. That is, if I can keep it running that long. If anyone tries to sell you a Rheem, don't walk away….run as fast as you can!

F. Weber

Beverly Hills, FL

"Piece of junk"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Bought the AC unit new 5 years ago and since then have spent $1600.00 in repairs, not counting the yearly service contracts. I am a senior citizen on fixed income and have no means to replace it so I am between a rock and a hard place. How can I get the manufacturer to rectify this? I read the model numbers off an invoice which was illegible so it could be incorrect. Also the unit is located at Whispering Wind Way, Delray Beach, FL 33484.

Kay Routh

Paducah, KY

"We decided it was time to get a new ac unit"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We decided it was time to get a new ac unit since the one we had was 20-some years old. Well, we messed up by doing that because we just purchased a brand new Rheem unit, and it hasn't been 3 months yet and it has quit on us several times. They have sent 3 different people out to try to fix the problem but never have fixed it. We get told, well, we don't work on Rheem so we will get it fixed for a temporary time until the guy that installed it gets back to Missouri. They tell us there's a leak, there's not a leak. It's frozen over, there's nothing wrong with it. They don't know, or they'll be back to find where it's leaking and never show up. We have had to stay at a hotel 4 times in a month because our p.o.s unit has a problem with it and none of these ac/heater guys know how to fix it. And it's still not fixed. I would never suggest buying a Rheem, we have had the worse luck with it and the service in the 3 months we have had it. We now know next time go with something different!

joni overall

Bolivar, Missouri

"Rheem is crap"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Bought unit in 2010, 10 year warranty. Hahaha nothing that broke was covered, hmmm. Had bad compressor. Installation problem cost 450.00, not covered. He said installer let wire touch case. 6 months later a vcb board went bad, installer Bentley of Greenville sc. Said that happens when compressor goes bad. Not covered another 200.00. he recommended. If he was buying a unit for his home he would switch to a York he said its a better unit. Now that I am into this unit for 4500.00 great time to fond out Rheem is junk. Save money and send me 100.00 and go without a/C. This tip will save you money.

scott erdman


"Leaking Coils"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Moved into a brand new house with a Rheem air conditioner and after one season, coils are leaking. Vickery Heat and Air replaced it but charged me $150.00 to install. I think Rheem should pay them, it was their problem. Had a York for 20 years with only 3 service calls.

Audrey Skiba

Tulsa OK.

Other 13AJL Reviews

One of the few online comments regarding the 13AJL, on hvac-talk.com, is from a consumer asking for comparisons of the 13AJL with Rheem’s RANL. One professional says the 13AJL is the best of any lower-end unit, but the RANL is a better mid-level unit, and worth the extra money

13AJL Warranty

The warranty for the Rheem 13AJL air conditioner was comprised of the following:

  • 10-year limited parts warranty
  • 10-year compressor warranty

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