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1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Installed this Peerless PINNACLE-P1-199 boiler in my new house to be on the cutting edge of technology and efficiency and all I have are headaches!! Have replaced the inducer motor and housing 2 times now and it's about to come apart again!!! This is an obvious design flaw that Peerless refuses to address they just keep taking my money!! So much for the propane I have saved, I'm just handing it back to Peerless for parts!!

Darren Lounsbury

"My boiler troubles"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

My boiler hasnt worked since I bought it in January 2011. I think it was Dead on arrvial from the company I bought it from. I have very very little experience with boilers and had to look for the name, and model. The thing doesn't work, and we have had to switch to an electric style of heating. I would not recommend this to a friend, and I have never replaced it since I was bought it for a birthday. I like the color, and its space age look. Also it is electric

Lancaster CA

"Peerless Boiler"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I recently purchased a Peerless boiler for my home. I am satisfied with this because of the energy savings that it provides. I can take the savings from my energy bill and put it into my savings account. This boiler is an energy star boiler which means they are energy efficient. This boiler comes with a great warranty and is very well built and will last 10 years or better. This boiler also has a built in float switch which provides a safety feature. This switch will kill the power to the boiler if it backs up and will not flood your home or business. When I build my next home I will install the same brand. I have also recommended this brand to many friends from the great experiences that I have had with it. I have had one friend that has recently installed one and has no regrets about it and is also spreading the word about this particular brand.

lake charles, louisiana

"Peerless Crap installed in 2002"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

PI-80, Serial #: 80LPJ0110078 installed Oct2002 by Lic Plumber. Each year F-09, F-01 errors when the weather is cold. Yearly service by Lic. plumber did nothing but add to the repair costs. Need to return blower that was recalled 2yrs after installation – never notified by manufacturer even though they had our warranty information, spent another $1000 on P125 upgrade control board, O2 sensor. Another day, another F-09 fault code. A good laywer should be taking all these names from this review site and going after Peerless for 'Fraud' in their product. Would not recommend this product after spending so much time, money and not knowing if one is coming home to a heated house or not.

Wayne Garafola

Newfoundland, PA

"Poor quality product"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

My landlady,(aunt) had 2 brand new boilers installed in 2007. supposed to be maintenance free..(she is 86 years old).. problems since the first heating season.. installed incorrectly,tankless coil replaced twice within the first 2 years..(her boiler). installer told how to correctly install plumbing. lost heat in second boiler's heating zone in one radiator all season.. after paying $14K for both boilers, she has spent another $200.00 for a service call, another $2K in repair and now the other tankless coil is rotted and leaking.. ( $ 875.00). both boilers need to be checked every day. one needs water added every few days, the other overfills and need to be emptied every 4 days or so…(they were supposed to be self feeding).. never worked right. takes nearly an hour to get heat to the last radiator on the line.. it is supposed to be instant… or quick anyway… nothing but problems.. and money, money, money… poor quality product and no one able to fix them properly…i would stay away from peerless products…

j. castonguay

marlboro, MA

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