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"Complete junk"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I've had nothing but issues for the 18 months my Peerless boiler has been installed. Techs have been out continuously (literally), and Peerless will not admit that I have a lemon, a $9000 lemon! I will never buy from Peerless again. The arrogance of their techs is only outweighed by the crappy product they produce.

JD Harris

Lindstrom, MN

"Replacing unit now"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

Warning. I had a Peerless natural gas steam boiler installed in 1996 to heat my old house. The initial boiler was installed in 1926 and remained in operation until the new one was installed in 1996. The Peerless boiler is now 18 years old. I suppose I have been somewhat fortunate as I have been told that the life span of these new boilers is only about 15 years! I will start by saying that the new boiler did reduce the natural gas consumption, which is a good thing because I have needed that savings to pay for the maintenance and repairs on this unit. The new boiler has been serviced/repaired many times, generally because it would not light when started in the fall or stopped operating during cold weather. The problem has always been in the electronics which, with often more than one visit, was diagnosed and repaired. My current problem is that the cast iron part of the boiler has elongated (changed shape) and caused the tubes (from which the gas feeds under the cast iron boiler unit) to fall down under the unit. This is extremely dangerous and can cause an explosion! The energy savings have not been sufficient to replace the boiler every 15 years. A new boiler, installed, will cost $10,816. Lesson: Never replace an old working boiler with a new (short life) unit. It will cost you more to maintain/replace than you will ever save on energy. With a cost of $10,800 and a life of 15 years, it will cost you $720 per year in replacement costs alone (maintenance and repairs excluded). Before you buy a new boiler, be sure to ask about the "life" of the unit. You will not like what you learn. Learn from my mistake. Peerless does not have a telephone listing where you can contact them with a problem or complaint. I have decided to abandon the boiler system and install two furnaces (one for each of the 2 floors). I have been told by the HVAC company that two furnaces will use less gas than one boiler. I hope I will be more satisfied with this solution!

L. Shafer

Kansas City, MO

"Terrible product"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Spent 2000 dollars having my"state of the art" Pinnacle fixed in a new home I recently purchased. Two weeks later it's down again. The repair service had worked on the boiler for the previous owner and said he had to replace several parts for him also. Don't spend your money on this product, its junk.

D Isabella

Providence RI

"Works great"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

We purchased our Peerless Purifier gas boiler in 2010 and have been very happy with it. We went from an oil boiler to gas and our heating bill dropped 75% for the winter. Very quiet unit. The only issue since the installation was the boiler didn't light twice – the dealer came and cleaned the ignition twice. The third time they installed an ignition that was about an inch or two longer and that solved the problem. No issues since then. Sorry to read the other unhappy reviews but we would definitely buy our Peerless boiler again.


Harrisburg, PA

"2 Cracked Boilers in 16 Years"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I installed a new Peerless steam boiler in 1996, it cracked in 2004. The warranty only covered the cracked section and it cost more for a plumber to breakdown the boiler and replace the section than it cost to buy a new model. The second new boiler cracked 8 years later in the same place that the first boiler cracked. I have been fighting with Peerless for 3 months and they claim that hard water is the cause. Do no buy a Peerless steam boiler, the company does not stand behind its products.

N. Wright


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