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Peerless Purefire Boiler Overview

The Peerless Purefire is a gas-fired condensing boiler series for residential and commercial applications. Reaching up to 95 percent AFUE, this series meets Energy Star standards for efficiency and offers a small footprint, with select models standing only 36 inches tall.

The Purefire is available in nine sizes, including six residential models ranging in heating outputs from 47 to 195 MBH. Features include a modulating burner for increased efficiency, stainless steel burner and heat exchanger and a condensate neutralizer system.

A direct-vent with sealed combustion, enhanced control board features, eco-friendly LoNOx operation and a stainless steel cabinet are additional components to this series. The Purefire also has outdoor reset capability and can be configured for natural or LP gas. Every unit is factory tested before shipment.

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  • 16.13% of customers recommended

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Peerless Purefire Boiler Reviews

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1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Breaks every year. Now it needs a $2,000 repair after 6 years.


Garden City

"Don't waste your money"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Purchased a Peerless Pinnicle pi 199 about 10 yrs ago. After 6 yrs the heat exchanger went bad. Peerless refused to honor the warranty because they said it was an in-line filter issue. Purchased another Peerless boiler the Purefire pf 210 and had not one but three in-line filters installed to the heating system. After 3 years the heat exchanger went bad again. Called the plumber and he believed this to be a wiring issue as the wiring had been burnt. Peerless again refused to honor the warranty claiming that the problem was caused by the outside exhaust and intake pipes being so close together. The plumber thought that Peerless was trying to get out of honoring the 12 year warranty. The plumber tried to purchase a new heat exchanger out right to repair the boiler but Peerless declined to sell him another heat exchanger unless it was a warranty issue. I am not making this stuff up. Now I have a bad boiler that cannot be repaired. I wound up buying another boiler from a different manufacture. Save yourself your money, time and aggravation and Don't Buy a Peerless Product. It's not worth it.

Manuel Loperena

Lancaster, PA

"Fantastic boiler"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I converted from a 20-year-old oil-fired boiler to a Peerless Purefire modulating condensing natural gas boiler in November 2008. I have been completely satisfied with the performance and savings recognized by converting and selecting the Peerless brand. The boiler is quiet, clean and very cost effective. The original investment was $8,000 installed by Sigma Tremblay of Wappingers Falls, NY. My savings to date, oil vs. natural gas, has been approximately $14,000. Much of the savings was recognized when the heating oil was nearly $4.00 a gallon. I am at least $6,000 ahead. Domestic hot water is also provided via a side arm heater. The baseboard heat would bang when the oil boiler circulated hot water. The banging was gone immediately with the new boiler. I have recommended the Peerless brand to quite a number of individuals.

Steve Sipos

Poughkeepsie, NY

"Garbage would be an upgrade"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We installed this boiler 4 years ago and it has been one problem after the other. Ignitor errors (this I can fix in my sleep now and keep two spares for swap out), blocked vent switch, float switch, lock out errors, and now a fried control board and guess what! No parts to be had!! I paid over $10,000 all in for this and ripped out my chimney to boot as I didn't need it anymore. Well, in retrospect I wish I kept it and i would put in a 80% efficient in a heartbeat.. At least I wouldn't have to worry about substandard electronics and crappy customer support. People…this is a real review from a real customer (engineer as well) and please steer far away from this company. This is the kind of thing that gives "Made in America" a bad name. Shameful.

Tom C

Upper Saddle River, NJ

"Worst boiler ever"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have had this boiler for 3 years and every year something goes wrong with it; doesn't fire, lock out codes, and all kinds of other issues and error codes. Now I have to replace the pricey control module. I am at the point that I would throw it out if I didn't pay so much for it. Calling Peerless does not help. They try to give you other options that involve technicians which, yes, you guessed it, you have to pay out of pocket, and guess what? They find issues and no one will take care of it. Now my control module went. Really. I cant even take vacations in the winter because I already had frozen pipes twice because the boiler wasn't working while I was away. Thanks Peerless for this expensive piece of crap you put out.


Bethlehem, PA

Other Purefire Reviews

Although several contractors posting on online discussion forums praise the Peerless Purefire series’ sleek design features, including the interface screen designed for easy programming, few homeowners across the web are as pleased with the unit. Sites such as or host forums with a variety of customer complaints and troubleshooting issues. Instances of the boiler leaking, the unit failing to fire, faulty control boards and the unit not heating water are among the problems reported.

The review site notes that the Purefire’s condensate management system is a unique feature and the durable stainless steel construction is a benefit to the unit, but mentions that the warranty on the unit is not very comprehensive.

PEERLESS Purefire Model Numbers

The Purefire is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
PF-110 95 110000
PF-140 95 140000
PF-210 95.1 210000
PF-399 93.4 399000
PF-50 95 50000
PF-80 95 80000

Purefire Warranty

Peerless provides a one-year warranty for parts and labors for all models of the Purefire series and a 12-year limited warranty on the heat exchanger. Units must be registered online or via warranty card to receive the fully term. Extended five and ten-year warranties for parts and labor are available through a local contractor.

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