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Payne PH13 Heat Pump Overview

Payne’s PH13 heat pump offers 13 SEER cooling and 7.7 HSPF heating efficiency. This model uses the EPA-approved R-410A refrigerant for eco-friendly cooling.

The PH13 is equipped with a high-efficiency fan motor, smooth operating reversing valve, copper tube aluminum fin coil and a compressor with built-in protective features. Rubberized isolation pads are designed to help keep noise level at a minimum for quiet operation year round.

The exterior of the unit is finished with corrosion-resistant paint and is equipped with Payne’s standard grill. Consumers have the option of upgrading to Payne’s dense grill for increased unit protection against the elements.

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Consumer Reviews of Payne PH13


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  • #4 of 5 Payne Heat Pump
  • 7.14% of customers recommended

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Payne PH13 Heat Pump Reviews

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"Piece of Crap"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

After battling with American Home Shield for 60 days about replacing our heat pump. They purchased the Payne ph13 unit and when it arrived it was dead. They refused to give us a new unit and would only replace the compressor. This unit is very loud and has finally crapped out after only 8 years 🙁 No wonder there is only a 5-year warranty on this piece of crap. Ironic the name is Payne because it is nothing but a pain!

Michelle Szczepaniak



1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

All of the previous reviews sum this piece of junk up well but not only is the unit no good so is the service. When I called the guy that installed my heat pump he would not return my calls. I called him several times and finally, I called his father and he gave me a number and said it was Chris's but it was someone else'S. So then my husband called Chris's dad and told him that we really needed Chris to check out our heat pump. He said he would just have him call us. This guy Chris Daniels never called us back and we have not heard from him. When we called Payne and gave them the model number, we were given the runaround and was even told the heat pump was not registered with them. I think this-this is a very poor business and I will never buy Payne product again. Don't buy this heat pump or let Chris Daniels install any heat pump. Both are not reliable!!!



"Constant repairs"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Over $2,500 in repairs in 7 years, heating elements, capacitor, blower motor, heat pump contacts, heat element relay, have been all replaced. Unit was installed by builder in my newly constructed home. I don't think it will last too much longer. The top of the outside unit is rusted terribly. I have had the unit serviced every spring and fall, as recommended.


Charlotte, NC

"Piece of garbage"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Had unit installed in 2013 have had 2 compressors, fan, capacitor and unit is still not functioning properly. I was the victim of the home warranty setup. They pick the unit and the company that installs the product. Both the product and the installer were very inadequate. I will never own another Payne it has been a total pain. The customer service center is also terrible.

Shelton Jordan

Gardendale, AL


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have a Payne heat pump that is only 5 years old. On the top there was a large sticker that dried up in the sun and exposed the metal. Now the entire top of the unit is completely rusted out. I emailed Payne and they basically told me to call my installer and purchase one through them and then wouldn't return any of my correspondence. Bad product and bad customer care.


Beverly Hills, FL

Other PH13 Reviews

Reviews around the web recognize the PH13 as a builder-grade heat pump. Forums on and mention that its lower tier status is reflected in the quality of the unit�s components and overall performance.

Consumers and contractors on these forums report that this unit is noisier than similar brands, prone to coil leaks and isn’t well protected by its casing, which can lead to interior component damage if the unit is in a high traffic area. In addition, some users commented on the high cost to install this unit and troubleshooting issues with the heating elements.

Despite the profusion of negative comments, some contributors on report that they have had no problems with this unit, due to proper installation and regular maintenance. In general, the PH13 has offered these homeowners trouble-free heating and cooling and suits their needs, despite its lower tier status.

Payne PH13 Model Numbers

The PH13 is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number SEER / HSPF BTUs per Hour
PH13NR018-C 13 / 7.8 0
PH13NR024* 13 / 8 0
PH13NR024-C 13 / 8 0
PH13NR030* 13 / 7.8 0
PH13NR036* 13 / 7.8 0
PH13NR042* 13 / 8 0
PH13NR048* 13 / 8 0
PH13NR060* 13 / 8 0

PH13 Warranty

Payne offers a 10-year limited parts warranty to the original owners of the heat pump. The unit must be registered at within 90 days of installation to receive the full warranty. Labor or any additional charges associated with the repair are not covered by the warranty.

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