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"Why all these complaints?"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I have been an HVAC contractor in Mississauga Ontario Canada for 18 years now. For about the first 15 years I was installing only Keeprite furnaces and A/Cs with no major issues whatsoever. Back in 2016, Keeprite raised pricing by almost 25-30% on its equipment. That forced me -thank God- to turn to Payne which is almost identical to Keeprite and of course to Carrier, since both of these brands are owned by United Technologies that also owns Carrier. I have experienced zero issues with these in almost 3 years now and because of their low cost, my sales have been higher than ever. Well made, quality components and parts and so far very reliable. If you want a carrier or any other ''premium '' furnace keep these points in mind and take it from a pro: You can buy the most expensive furnace, but if it is not properly sized, installed and maintained, you will never get the intended benefit and value. I have come to realize after 18 years in this business that simple, well built, properly sized, installed and maintained furnaces and A/Cs will give the average consumer the most value not only initially but in the long run too. Most furnaces will be replaced after 20-25 years. A single stage, $ 2,500 simple furnace rated at 92% efficiency is a better value than a $ 4,500 top of the line 96% furnace with parts that can cost you a lot of money when they break down after a few years. Keep it simple and keep it clean.



"Good ol' furnace"

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

This Payne furnace has been in the house since I bought it in the early 1990'S. I didn't know much about furnace maintenance. Over the years the furnace has held up surprisingly well. Several techs. Have had a go at keeping it going from time to time, now I fix most of the problems. Other than replacing a relay, high limit switch and a new thermocouple, it plows through the cold northern Nevada winters well. Discovered these furnaces do not "like" high efficiency (hepa), type filters, it makes them run hot, so I use the cheapest, thinnest filters I can get and just change them out. The latest problem was the blower motor, but I can't blame the design as I didn't know you had to add lube from time to time to the motor. Thanksgiving morning I wake up to the smell of "motor smoke", the joys of home ownership. Fortunately after taking the blower assy. Out, removing the motor I was able to find a replacement locally the next day, didn't cost much either. The upside is the new motor is a 4-spd. Design(orig. Was a 3), so after a few hours of terminating the speed leads, fixing some modified wiring a few techs. Did along the way, I got it running through the terminal block(which has space in it for a 4 spd. Motor), the way it's supposed to be. Now I have a med. Hi setting, so as the heating season progresses I can manually go from low, med. Low to high if needed, use less electricity, and lower the "furnace" noise throughout the house. Seems like if you own a house long enough you learn how to fix everything whether you like it or not and all the parts to keep these older units running are still available. And it doesn't seem to be so inefficient on gas consumption(reasonably low operating costs), as to warrant a total replacement. One thing is for sure when this furnace is running right and I usually keep it set around 69 degrees(well insulated house, 1,200 sq. Ft.), you turn this thing up to 72 or 74 degrees (middle of winter/motor on hi), it will cook you out of the house, you can warn leftovers on the floor registers. So it's a keeper.

S. Perinn

Carson City, NV

"Boat anchor"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Installer put the furnace in last winter, in my barn. Started flashing code 23 within a day. Installer was out here 6 times in 3 months. One time the squirrel cage came off the shaft. Fixed with lock tight. Then the squirrel cage became detached from its own centers. Basically self destructing. I would hope that the installer gets some kind of compensation from Payne because it shouldn't take 6 trips to make a furnace work.

Doug Short


"Cracked heat exchange"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Heat exchange cracked and started pumping Carbon Monoxide into my home. My own Carbon Monoxide Alarms went off and we had to evacuate my home. It was red tagged of course and they tested it at 3600 ppm for the co. If you are reading this look up what ppm is toxic on co and it will give you an idea of my feelings on this furnace.

Brandon P

Idaho falls, ID

"Payne furnace"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I had my Payne furnace for 15 years and had it replaced with Another Payne furnace on March 23 , 2017. Got three companies To give me a quote. One was very low and 2 were much Higher. I went with one of the higher quotes as those Two companies were more professional And we're more Knowledgeable. Payne is made by carrier- it's there brand they Sell to HVAC techs that don't have a carrier dealership.. They key is to have someone that knows what they are doing to Make sure the furnace is installed correctly. Poor installation is the Number one reason products fail or have constant problems.

J mcgovern


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